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cries January 30, 2011

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Man i need a new computer SO bad! Mine is almost 10 yo and now i cant get on youtube anymore. Well its not like i live on youtube but its just the fact that i pay so much money for internet service and now i cant even get on one of the sites i like to visit because my computer is so old. I LOVE the new Macbook Air!!! if you havent seen it yet i highly reccomend it!  Just hard because were trying to save up some money now to buy a house and … its just bad timing. I probably have another couple years left in this computer and thats it.  Its hard too because my uncle (who was like a father to me) gave me this computer shortly before he died.  Breaks my heart to retire it. What can you do i guess.  Also i really want to buy some card boxes to break for my birthday.  I spent the money that i sold my artwork to pay a bill i owed. Thankfully a really nice guy on the NSC forum bought my comics for a nice price ($85 – THANK YOU Brett!!!) so i can buy one box of cards at least.  Im going to get a box of that ST remastered. All the stuff thats been pulled so far looks really good … hopefully i could get that spock/nurse chapel auto. 🙂


OMGOSH i have MONEY!!! January 24, 2011

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So i actually sold a few pieces of artwork i had online (not card related… theyre animation cels i had) and got $120. for it (well actually $115 because of the sob paypal fees…… UGH) … SO what should i do with my money??? man i feel like a millionaress…LOL i actually have play money to spend.  im thinking of two things…

i REALLY want a James Doohan auto… not just any doohan auto, i want a Skybox TOS Series 1 A2 Auto of him. Seriously thats the best pic of Mr D.  Problem is, theyre like $300 and i only have $115 saved. 😦  Soooo… i can wait and save or i can use the money right now to buy a couple boxes of cards for my b-day.  hmmmm.   Any thoughts guys?

Rittenhouse rant January 23, 2011

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WARNING… the owner of this blog is in bioch mode… you have been warned!!!

Well i was thinking to myself when i saw sample cards of Rittenhouse’s new Complete Star Trek NG  cards coming up in June… OH MY GARSH… they look exactly like the “quotable” next gen cards!!!  What is up with Rittenhouse?!?!  Serioulsy. Ok, so they copied the last set (i think it was Quotable movies) from a Skybox line, now theyre copying the complete STNG from the Next Gen quotable?!  Man, this just makes me so mad.  Ok, its not like the Star Trek line is a gamble where they cant spend too much on pics for their cards (or however they buy the images to use on their cards)… Star Trek is like a no brainer! CMON GUYS!!! Lets get those creative juices flowing here and think of some new things to do with your cards. Stop re-using the same material!  I mean look at how much time is put into football cards and some of those really look nice.  I saw the new promo card for the complete Next Gen and about 25% of the card (a border) is just blank white!  WHA? good grief thats so boaring!!!

I was thinking next of their 40th anniversary cards ( not the Original series 40th but the one with all the captains). I think that was just poorly done.  I mean the stellar part was the costume cards… they really nailed those … but the rest of the set was just a flop.  They did the base cards with just about the four captains. Now thats not right. What i think they should have done was done 1 card per character of all of the series (with info about that character on the back… i mean its not like there arent fan sites out there with tons of info on each character… of course they cant plagerize those sites but you can still get info and just state the info).    Insert card wise, i think they should have done some tribute cards.… yes i know they did tribute cards to Mr Doohan but theyre like IMPOSSIBLE to find.  They should have had those as regular inserts.  I will say the TV guide inserts were nice and an interesting touch. Other inserts should have been maybe cards of the ships (and space station DS9)?  But all in all i think the base set was just rushed.  I mean i know they have done Voyager profiles and TNG profiles but… well i think when its a 40th anniversary it should have been about ST as a whole.

sigh… oh well…  on to card of the day! 🙂 Just an insert but i just love the picture of this guy… its an old school Skybox insert (a gold card from one of the three seasons of the OS)… and for some reason the gold side wont load… but this side is nicer so hope you enjoy! 🙂


COTD January 22, 2011

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i used to go crazy stupid wild over these Lion King cards. I found this Leniticular (sp?) in a pack… one of thousands my poor mother bought for me back in the 90’s … never boxes, just packs. lol stupid.  Well at least i got a cute card out of it.

Last of the mohicans January 21, 2011

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OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

How cool is this guy?!?! Im so happy to have him in my collection, you cant believe!!! He’s my last individual card i will be buying for a LONG time… i might do some trades so that might bring me individual cards but for awhile now im going to be buying some boxes for my b-day… LOL which i know you guys havent heard enough of yet. :-p lol  but till then… AWE    IN    THE    AWESOMENESSSSSS…………………

getting priorities straight January 20, 2011

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Well long story short my mother’s been wanting to move for… 10 years or so. The other night we had a big discussion and we finally agreed that in 5 years (when she retires) we will definately move.  Till then we will be saving almost every dime we make… which wont be so nice on my card collecting hobby. 😦  Well we have better things to look forward to now. Im still going to be collecting. Just not going gung ho (and being content with what i get rather than constantly being envious of what other people have).  wish me luck everyone!

This one is another i pulled from a pack. Now this was back when he wasnt doing all the big time movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc and basically to me (because now i find out he was doing LOTS of movies back then),  to me he was like a nobody and i was like “AWW MAN… i want a good auto…” lol. when i started getting back into collecting autos i looked up how much he was worth and i saw one on ebay for $100… i was like MAN! i did good! LOL  well Voyager Profiles is actually one of my all time favorite sets. I have Janeway… but i actually pulled an even better auto … and thats …………………… coming next time. 😀  lol See ya tomorrow kiddies!

card of the day January 19, 2011

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from back in the day when there were no autos or costume cards in boxes but HOLOGRAMS… Wesley Crusher from STNG season  four.

Found a box of season four one day on sale at my local Kmart and i think it was only like… $8 or 10 for the box. not bad! just wish i had the base cards that i pulled from it too. >_<

Tweaking my resolution January 18, 2011

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Well ive kinda tweaked my resolution to a point im happy with.

Im going to only take 10% of each paycheck to use on playing with the cards.  Ive been reading this book i got from my local library “Debt Proof Living” by Mary Hunt and its really helped me focus on getting my finances back in order.  Im not in bad financial debt or anything but im just bad at managing my money. Like she says in her book im “on a treadmill, not really going anywhere, just living  from paycheck to paycheck.  I spend everything i make. Ive done this for years… i mean ever since i started working. First it was comic books, then comic book artwork, then a whole other bunch of nonsense crap that … i just was stupid about wasting my money on. I never knew how to save or just manage my money. Thats what this book is trying to teach me (or im trying to teach myslf i should say). This yr ill be turning 30 and i NEED to get my financial health back in order. Its getting like do or die time here.  when i was 21 this guy told me about a thing called a “Roth IRA”… dang i wish id had taken him up on that.… oh well.  guess we just have to live and learn.… and grow up.  WELLLL… card of the day time. 🙂

Klingons were much more prettier back in the 60’s. :-p lol  I actually pulled her from a pack when i first started collecting.  Its interesting because “Day of the Dove” (the episode she is from) was actually the second  ST original series episode that i ever saw.  The first one that i saw was “Shore Leave”” and i LOVED it … esp the part with the big white bunny. ^_^ but anyways….lol… the second episode i saw of ST was when i was up at my aunt’s house in Oregon. I could only watch part of it because she wanted to watch some other show while it was on >_< BUT i did get to see the first part of it.  and thought Klingons were REALLY cool! lol


card of the day January 17, 2011

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soooo… i bought this from a guy in england. Great deal! only $35 for my favorite ST captain! LOVE Voyager! From one of my favorite sets… Voyager Profiles…

as always, sorry the scan is so crappy. the card is really good in person. tho. also has the “skybox” seal on it.

Back to Card of the day! January 16, 2011

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So i was making a video for insurance purposes about my cards and i realized… i have maybe 10 cards that i didnt put up here! good ones too!  o_O Im like, where have you guys been hiding!?  LOL  okay so im back to the card of the day till i run out of cards to update. 😀  First up is my lonesome boy here, Dr Bashir.  I call him that b/c he’s the only one i have of DS9 autos (well i have John De Lancie from the same set but he’s not technically a DS9 guy b/c he was first introduced in TNG … but we wont get into that ;-p lol).  so here he is…