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Transformers week, pt 8 July 30, 2011

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Morgan Sheppard has played in TONS of movies. Yes he was in star trek but he also played in Transformers as Sam Witwickey’s ancestor that found megatron in the ice. Got this guy as a gift from a friend. Thanks Scifinexus! 🙂

(cute picture of him, btw)


Last Complete STNG auto July 22, 2011

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Okies, this is the last Complete Star Trek Next Generation i pulled. I might buy one or two on the side but this is it from this set. Ray Wise from one of my favorite episodes, “Who watches the watchers”.

Another one for the klingon collection July 21, 2011

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I have a nice collection of klingon autographs. Here’s one i pulled… cant remember what episode he is from though. I still need the ultimate klingon guy’s autograph (worf, Michael Dorn). 🙂 Someday!

More Complete ST Next Gen July 20, 2011

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Worf is one of my favorite characters on Star Trek (and someday im going to get his auto) and the storyline of Alexander (his son) gave him so much dimension. It really was a shame that the writers didnt have Alex on more. I enjoyed seeing them interact. When Worf went to DS9 and eventually toward the end they had a new alex on, i really liked the man that played him there (i heard that Mr Bonsall didnt want to return to acting to they got someone new to play him). Hopefully someday i can get his auto as well. Till then enjoy (this was one of the few autos i wanted from the Complete TNG series… and i was blessed enough to pull it from one of my boxes lol).

MOJO DAY! July 18, 2011

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YAY! I got two boxes today of the Complete Star Trek Next Generation in the mail that i ordered from my favorite dealer (scificards.com) and got a really big pull from it…

BEVERLY CRUSHER!!! Gates McFadden! 😀 This is a really limited auto from this series. So glad i pulled it, i was actually going to sell it to get some money (glad i didnt lol). I posted my breaks on youtube if you’d like to watch….

Happy Easter! :) April 24, 2011

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Happy Resurrection day, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. I spent the day with my church family and part of it with my 96 yo grandma. I had a great day!
Then i went to my mail box annnnnd… 
Q’Pla! Success! 😀 lol Well all of my lost sheep finally came home ( i bought these eons ago and one got lost in the mail while another got held hostage by an unruly seller on ebay >_< *sigh*) BUT they are all finally home and ready to join the ranks of my growing collection. 😀 Im starting to get a nice growing Klingon collection now.

YAY its Christmas!!! December 6, 2010

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Well no, but its Christmas for me!!! YAY!

I did a gift exchange at my NSCF site that i love to go to and today I got a TON of nice (i mean SUPER  nice) things from my (secret) Santa. 😀  THANK YOU SANTA!!!! *HUGS*  soooo on to the goodies…

First up is a nice little auto from  a lady that played on my favorite trek show, Voyager… Megan Gallagher…  Im not sure if she was in any other Trek shows. Her name sounds very familiar to me but i just cant place it (oh and btw her character’s name was “Lt. Jaryn” aaaand it didnt say the episode so ill have to look that up BUT here she is!

Second up…  is another auto from Voyager. A gentleman by the name of Kurtwood Smith. On the back it says he played “Annorax” in the episode “Year of Hell” (which was an awesome set of episodes). Now i really think that this guy played in more ST episodes (not sure which series though). His face is really familiar… i wanna say DS9? i think he was like a human admiral in the Federation… hmm, another to look up but anyways, here he is…

OMGosh this guy (my secret santa)was so nice to me… seriously  dude i really appreciate it!!!!! 😀

Ok, sooooo… i got one more Voyager card… this ones a costume card.  KES! from the “Women of Star Trek” card series (which was a really great series, i have to get abox to break of that one of these days… hopefully for my birthday… 😀

My next present  was an auto from one of the Next Gen movies… A gentleman by the name of “Brain Thompson”. It doesnt give his name but it says he was the “Klingon Helmsman” in the movie “Generations”.  For some reason im thinking that he also played somewhere else as … something… but anyways, here he is… 😀

Okies, one im UBER excited about… an auto ive wanted for a long time actually… Suzie Plakson!!!  She played on Voyager as the “Female Q” BUT she also played in … omgosh almost EVERYWHERE else on ST!  She played another one of my fav characters on the Next Generation… Kay’Lar! She was Worf’s mate. I loved that storyline! It made Worf such a complex character.  She also played on the Enterprise show as Tarah the Andorian. She was in one of the best episodes… and i cant  remember the name of it BUT i know you guys are falling asleep back there so without further ado… 😀

My next two im really so excited to get also … and another two that are REALLY cool and that ive been wanting… LURSA AND B’ETOR!!!


Ok so you say “wow you got some good stuff!” ooooooh yeah but you havent seen the MAIN event!!! 😀  Shoot i was FLOORED when i saw this guy…………………………………………………


OMFREAKINGGORSH,   SPOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

That was like, seriously, the best presant i coulda ever ever have gotten, THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He will be very happy with his brothers, my other spock cards! 😀

ive wanted this card for ages because im trying to get every auto, costume, etc spock related. I love Spock!  X-D  And ya know what, i just realized i didnt upload my other spock costume card i have! @_@ sorry guys… ill upload him tomorrow if ya dont mind. I got my Razor Vault box today and im gonna open it soon. 😀   Thanks for looking guys! see ya later!

nothing new. November 11, 2010

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So im slowly selling items to pay for the $300 card i just bought. Heh, i know i shouldnt do this. >_<  Sometimes i have a tendency to go overboard sometimes. I do have the money to pay for the card… id just rather sell stuff to be able to buy it. lol  X-p


One of the not so fascinating cards from the TNG season seven set by Skybox.  I really like that feature that Skybox did with their signature cards… they stamped their seal on the autos themselves to authenticate them. I dont know why Rittenhouse doesnt.  probably because it would be too expensive or something.… thats usually the case.  Oh well… enjoy my butthead… er… Ferengi. 🙂