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Happy New Year!! December 31, 2010

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To all my friends all over the world i wish you a safe happy healthy new year!!! 😀  Any new years resolutions out there?

Thinking about mine…

Well personally id like to spend more time with God, my mom, and my friends,  and not so much time on the internet >_< … wayyyyyy too many hours on the internet (seriously i hardly ever watch tv anymore…which isnt a bad thing lol). Ummm, id like to start getting into eating more healthily. Eat more fruits and veggies and not so many hot dogs.  oh, EXERCISE!!! yes i gotta go look that up in the dictionary too…. cant remember what that means. :-p lol  Anyways,  ummm… try to save more money. OH and start a retirement acct. Definately!!! God knows there wont be social security when i reture. >_<;  sigh.  mmm… think thats it.

Collecting-wise, id like to be more focused on what i spend my money on.  Im going to keep buying some boxes for my b-day but im not going to go all wild like i have before.  TWO BOXES MAX PER PAYCHECK!!!  ya hear that self?  Then after my birthday i wont do really anymore box breaks. Just too expensive for the risk of not really getting anything.  I didnt really see anything coming up in the new year im crazy about.  Its mostly previous series that have come out. Oh i take that back… the Star Wars Galaxy 6 series looks really good w/ alot of awesome sketches (yeah i know youve heard that song and dance before) and another series that i MIGHT or might not… from Panini, Americana 1 Century collection.  the boxes are actually really expensive but the stuff it has in it is really cool. Everyone from Astronauts, musicians, ball players,  actors.  Looks really neat but at $160 a box… mmm… im not sure i can go for it. Someone on the blowout forum is trying to get people together for a case break but it looks like its just not going.          😦   Hmm… im starting to get an idea. I wonder if i could just buy one box and do like a mini version of a case break that they do on blowout. I just want the Astronauts,  someone else might want the sports people or the actors, and they can buy that. So it wouldnt be so expensive for all of us.  hmmm.  next month i might do that.

OH getting back to new years resolutions (heh, sorry to get OT), So yeah only two boxes max per paycheck.  I dont think ill do much individual card buying (if so only one card per month), id like to focus solely on buying boxes for my b-day.  kind of a boaring six months of collecting but well… its gonna (hopefully) be a NICE b-day for me. 😀

I was thinking of one other thing … yeah i know its a long post, sorry,  i was thinking of doing a giveaway for my b-day. Im going to have ALOT of base cards and possibly quite a few inserts.  seriously i was up all night thinking of this , lol, … im going to do it like this.  Im going to ask everyone to help me choose the order in which ill break the boxes. On June 1st  ill tell everyone you have three guesses as to which series the biggest hit  will be from.  When i finally do break all the boxes ill take all the names of the people who guessed correctly and go to random(dot)org and whoever the top person is wins the giveaway bag! 😀  I was thinking of doing a second giveaway but till i break open the boxes and see what i get ill just go w/ one right now.  Boy i cant wait till my b-day! LOL



Great Deal! December 30, 2010

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So ive been wanting to get a case of Indiana Jones Heritage for my birthday in June (yeah i know ive got LOADS of time … but they dont always have the great sales like now).  So ive been watching the major online card dealers and hoping that they would have some good end of year deals… well i finally saw it… a few weeks ago Blowout cards had a case of Heritage on sale for $170 BUT i was totally broke then. Well today (and yeah im still broke but not as broke as i was)  i checked and they had an 8 box case for $150!!! 😀  I totally jumped on it.  Ive heard bad things about it but … well … i really like indiana jones and there’s nothing else on the market (i already got a case of IJ Crystal Skull … bought for $100  on ebay X-D ).  And the Masterpiece series is totally sold out EVERYWHERE. So now the box count is up tooooooo… (because i had to minus the dumb retail boxes i accidentally bought *sigh* >_<)… 8 boxes of  IJ Crystal Skull,  8 Boxes of IJ Heritage, 1 box of Iorn Man (1st movie), 1 “Magical Mystery Box” (my top secret box i will share on my b-day :D), and i also have 1 extra box of IJ Heritage i bought awhile ago… sooo… 19 boxes!  Hey maybe i might make my 30 box quota after all!  😀

Next up … for febuary since i spent my  Jan “quota”  … im going to get  4 Star Wars Galaxy 6 boxes… got some awesome sketch cards going into em and HOPEFULLY i can get a Charles Hall sketch (look at this AWESOME stuff…  http://scoundrelpublishing.com/spart/viewtopic.php?t=21994&start=0 ) OR one of Denise’s cards (cant wait to see your cards Denise!!!).

Next up, think id get one of the  “ST Original Series, Remastered” boxes. It looks interesting.  Then id like a “Women of ST” box,  Star Wars 30th Ann or Star WArs Heritage, hmmmm… that would make 27… what 3 more boxes could i get? hmmm. Any suggestions guys? 🙂

Scooby doo! December 28, 2010

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Yesterday i got a nice scooby card in trade and i was so upset yesterday i forgot to post it. enjoy! 🙂

Frank Welker! The voice of Scooby Doo and Shaggy from the 70’s and 80’s… along with Scooby he probably  did  90% of all the other shows and movies i watched as a kid.  Im really happy to have his auto!


oh shoot me. December 27, 2010

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just get it overwith. lol  darnit… even more bad news.  Well the sellers of the boxes “forgot” to mention that these werent hobby boxes they were selling. >_<  So the 1 box of indy heritage i got and two boxes of KOTCS were retail boxes with nothing in them. darn. >_<  Well a good lesson to learn… make sure they are always HOBBY boxes before you buy. 😦

I HATE BANKS!!!!!!!!! December 27, 2010

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Ok so i get one of my christmas/birthday presants in the mail and its 10 boxes of Indy KOTCS and 1 box of Indy Heritage! 😀  HAPPY!

BUT  … in the same pile of  mail i get a letter from my bank… “oh were sorry but you withdrew too many times over the limit (6) and now we may impose a $10 fee for each time you took out over the limit… @_@   WTH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  When i signed up they never told me there was a limit i could take out!!! omgosh im so pissed!!!!!!!!! its like the stupid banks get  you any way they can. OMGOSH im fuming… i should be all happy that i got my boxes for my birthday but im just like… so hurt and i looked on my paypal acct and saw that i payed with paypal 8 times in december… well i bought christmas gifts and stuff with paypal so its like… WTH???????  oh gosh i just hope they dont charge me $30 for taking out too many times. Dangit this is the second time ive had trouble with paypal and my bank.  im thinking im just going to drop paypal. im sick of their fees and crap and my bank and all their fees and crap.  UGH!

Praise the Lord!! December 25, 2010

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Well ive been eyeballing it for… months now and finally i cracked it open. lol

Remember me saying i bought a box of Indy Jones Kingdom of the Crystal skull for my birthday? Well i didnt get have any presants to open today (christmas) so i figured… oh heck… we dont know what tomorrow will bring, i may not live to see my birthday so lets see if i can have a nice christmas… and i did! 😀 lol   Here’s my pulls… i got 8 out of 10 foil cards, 2 parralels  ( card number 54  and its numbered 94/350 and i also got card 50  numbered 337/350  AND… ONE SKETCH CARD AND ONE AUTO!!!

Oh im so happy! I now how rare it is to get a nice sketch card and an auto and i got them in the same box! 😀  That sketch is really pretty. i can tell whoever did it really put effort into it ( when i scanned it i could see more of the detail… its just breathtaking!).  Thank you whoever did it, you did  a really superb job! Though i doubt whoever did do it will ever see my blog, lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY  BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!


EDIT…. ok i did some research and found the authors name (John Ocampo )and my sketch’s “brother” lol …

http://www.sketchcollectors.com/gallery.php?entry=12591    Idunno but i like mine better… but im biased. LOL   X-D and it looks like his sketches arent all that rare  1:2,758 i saw on the topps website but it doesnt matter to me, he did a beautiful job and that makes me happy! 😀

Merry Christmas! December 24, 2010

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To all my friends out there that have been reading my posts id like to say thanks so much! Im glad youre with me on my journey.  I look forward to another great year of collecting with you all.  🙂 God bless and Merry Christmas!!!

Last card of the year! December 23, 2010

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Well my last card of the year finally arrived! It was a Combs auto that i traded my Oded card for.  Combs played in quite a few Star Trek Enterprise episodes as an Andorian (and of course i dont remember the name of the character right now) and also i think he played as a Ferengi in DS9 (again, cant remember the name of the character).  Never watched the show 4400 but i think i might rent it from the library one of these days.  Though im glad to have him in my collection i kinda regret giving up my Oded auto. Yesterday i rented the movie “Mummy, Toumb of the Dragon Emperor” (3rd installment of the “mummy” franchise). I acutally really like those movies… gotta get them one of these days. Oh well,  it was a really cheap auto so i can pick it up whenever i feel like it.… or have the $.  lol   ok here’s Jeffy… 😀 (as always, sorry the scan is so bad >_<)

Star Cards is categorized! December 22, 2010

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Whew took me an hour but i finally categorized ALL of my posts here at Star Cards!  If you look at the “categories” tab youll see all the different things i have in my collection.  Hope its now easier to use for everyone. If you’d like to see just one specific thing within all the categories i have (like just all the Star Trek Voyager autographs i have, you can click it and see OR if you’d just like to see all the star trek cards i have in general, you can do that by clicking the tab).  🙂    Thanks for looking and if you ever feel inclined, please leave me a comment! i love hearing feedback! Take care!

EDIT… darn i noticed that it wont show you the pictures when  you click on the links…BUT when you click on the titles of the blogs then it will show you the pics! 😦  Well ill see if there’s some way i can fix that so itll come up when you click on the links in the categories instead of having to click on every blog link).  sorry folks!

New Spock card! December 21, 2010

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So i put in a bid for a Spock card on ebay that’s from the complete movies series ($9 shipped).… and here he is!  😀 Its a costume card from the first movie that they made, “the Motion Picture”.

I think now i have almost every spock costume card… except for a card from the 35th anniversary set.  Something to look forward to for the new year. 🙂