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About me

Hi, my name is Bell and I have been collecting cards for a long time now. I first got interested in cards through a friend. She collected football cards and me, not being into football, wanted to collect something different. One day i took a trip to a local comics store and low and behold found out that they made Star Trek cards! 😀 This was at a time when they were just starting to put autograph cards in boxes and i was hooked! I wanted an auto of my favorite actor so i made my poor mother buy me boxes and boxes of cards. lol .  God bless her for being so patient with me. Anyways, time marched on and around 2000 i stopped collecting cards for one reason or another and gave almost all of them away. >_< GAH … *Kicks herself for that stupid move*!!!  Anyways, about a few months ago i started again with the cards but im more pickey and thrifty wth my money now.  Hopefully ill be able to get a nice collection built up. Id really  like to get at least one auto card of the entire crew from all the incarnations of ST.  Wish me luck! Thanks for reading! 🙂  Hope you will stay with me on my journey to the stars! 🙂  Take care! ~Bell~



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