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Tweaking my resolution January 18, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Original Series Autographs, Star Trek.

Well ive kinda tweaked my resolution to a point im happy with.

Im going to only take 10% of each paycheck to use on playing with the cards.  Ive been reading this book i got from my local library “Debt Proof Living” by Mary Hunt and its really helped me focus on getting my finances back in order.  Im not in bad financial debt or anything but im just bad at managing my money. Like she says in her book im “on a treadmill, not really going anywhere, just living  from paycheck to paycheck.  I spend everything i make. Ive done this for years… i mean ever since i started working. First it was comic books, then comic book artwork, then a whole other bunch of nonsense crap that … i just was stupid about wasting my money on. I never knew how to save or just manage my money. Thats what this book is trying to teach me (or im trying to teach myslf i should say). This yr ill be turning 30 and i NEED to get my financial health back in order. Its getting like do or die time here.  when i was 21 this guy told me about a thing called a “Roth IRA”… dang i wish id had taken him up on that.… oh well.  guess we just have to live and learn.… and grow up.  WELLLL… card of the day time. 🙂

Klingons were much more prettier back in the 60’s. :-p lol  I actually pulled her from a pack when i first started collecting.  Its interesting because “Day of the Dove” (the episode she is from) was actually the second  ST original series episode that i ever saw.  The first one that i saw was “Shore Leave”” and i LOVED it … esp the part with the big white bunny. ^_^ but anyways….lol… the second episode i saw of ST was when i was up at my aunt’s house in Oregon. I could only watch part of it because she wanted to watch some other show while it was on >_< BUT i did get to see the first part of it.  and thought Klingons were REALLY cool! lol




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