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Miss me? :) May 28, 2011

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I know, its been FOREVER since i had a meaningful post. Well here i am, back in the saddle, ready for more. 😀
I recently recieved a box of “James Bond Mission Logs” for the big break coming up soon. And a few cheapie autos as well…
From DS9, Penny Johnson Jerald (as Kassidy Yates).

and from the very first episode that i watched of the original Star Trek, “Shore Leave”, a lady by name of Emily Banks.

So there’s my big ol update. 🙂 Cant wait for June to get here. I get off of work, have my big break, and get to do a group break with some friends on the NSC forum. Very cool! 😀


Honoring a legend February 27, 2011

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George Takei (and thats pronounced “Ta-kay” not “Ta-kai”… which means “expensive” in Japanese 😉 ) is one of those rare, wonderful human beings that doesnt act, but he BECOMES what he plays. When you watch him you KNOW that he is that character. He has a magnificent stage presance. You just instantly respect him.

So tonight im VERY happy to introduce you to my newest member of my collection… 😀

I really pray (and hey i can say this. its is my blog, remember? 🙂 ) that he knows Jesus. I dont know why but something in my heart says he does. Which is really cool. 😀

Tweaking my resolution January 18, 2011

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Well ive kinda tweaked my resolution to a point im happy with.

Im going to only take 10% of each paycheck to use on playing with the cards.  Ive been reading this book i got from my local library “Debt Proof Living” by Mary Hunt and its really helped me focus on getting my finances back in order.  Im not in bad financial debt or anything but im just bad at managing my money. Like she says in her book im “on a treadmill, not really going anywhere, just living  from paycheck to paycheck.  I spend everything i make. Ive done this for years… i mean ever since i started working. First it was comic books, then comic book artwork, then a whole other bunch of nonsense crap that … i just was stupid about wasting my money on. I never knew how to save or just manage my money. Thats what this book is trying to teach me (or im trying to teach myslf i should say). This yr ill be turning 30 and i NEED to get my financial health back in order. Its getting like do or die time here.  when i was 21 this guy told me about a thing called a “Roth IRA”… dang i wish id had taken him up on that.… oh well.  guess we just have to live and learn.… and grow up.  WELLLL… card of the day time. 🙂

Klingons were much more prettier back in the 60’s. :-p lol  I actually pulled her from a pack when i first started collecting.  Its interesting because “Day of the Dove” (the episode she is from) was actually the second  ST original series episode that i ever saw.  The first one that i saw was “Shore Leave”” and i LOVED it … esp the part with the big white bunny. ^_^ but anyways….lol… the second episode i saw of ST was when i was up at my aunt’s house in Oregon. I could only watch part of it because she wanted to watch some other show while it was on >_< BUT i did get to see the first part of it.  and thought Klingons were REALLY cool! lol


YAY its Christmas!!! December 6, 2010

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Well no, but its Christmas for me!!! YAY!

I did a gift exchange at my NSCF site that i love to go to and today I got a TON of nice (i mean SUPER  nice) things from my (secret) Santa. 😀  THANK YOU SANTA!!!! *HUGS*  soooo on to the goodies…

First up is a nice little auto from  a lady that played on my favorite trek show, Voyager… Megan Gallagher…  Im not sure if she was in any other Trek shows. Her name sounds very familiar to me but i just cant place it (oh and btw her character’s name was “Lt. Jaryn” aaaand it didnt say the episode so ill have to look that up BUT here she is!

Second up…  is another auto from Voyager. A gentleman by the name of Kurtwood Smith. On the back it says he played “Annorax” in the episode “Year of Hell” (which was an awesome set of episodes). Now i really think that this guy played in more ST episodes (not sure which series though). His face is really familiar… i wanna say DS9? i think he was like a human admiral in the Federation… hmm, another to look up but anyways, here he is…

OMGosh this guy (my secret santa)was so nice to me… seriously  dude i really appreciate it!!!!! 😀

Ok, sooooo… i got one more Voyager card… this ones a costume card.  KES! from the “Women of Star Trek” card series (which was a really great series, i have to get abox to break of that one of these days… hopefully for my birthday… 😀

My next present  was an auto from one of the Next Gen movies… A gentleman by the name of “Brain Thompson”. It doesnt give his name but it says he was the “Klingon Helmsman” in the movie “Generations”.  For some reason im thinking that he also played somewhere else as … something… but anyways, here he is… 😀

Okies, one im UBER excited about… an auto ive wanted for a long time actually… Suzie Plakson!!!  She played on Voyager as the “Female Q” BUT she also played in … omgosh almost EVERYWHERE else on ST!  She played another one of my fav characters on the Next Generation… Kay’Lar! She was Worf’s mate. I loved that storyline! It made Worf such a complex character.  She also played on the Enterprise show as Tarah the Andorian. She was in one of the best episodes… and i cant  remember the name of it BUT i know you guys are falling asleep back there so without further ado… 😀

My next two im really so excited to get also … and another two that are REALLY cool and that ive been wanting… LURSA AND B’ETOR!!!


Ok so you say “wow you got some good stuff!” ooooooh yeah but you havent seen the MAIN event!!! 😀  Shoot i was FLOORED when i saw this guy…………………………………………………


OMFREAKINGGORSH,   SPOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

That was like, seriously, the best presant i coulda ever ever have gotten, THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He will be very happy with his brothers, my other spock cards! 😀

ive wanted this card for ages because im trying to get every auto, costume, etc spock related. I love Spock!  X-D  And ya know what, i just realized i didnt upload my other spock costume card i have! @_@ sorry guys… ill upload him tomorrow if ya dont mind. I got my Razor Vault box today and im gonna open it soon. 😀   Thanks for looking guys! see ya later!

Wow, where’d that come from? November 6, 2010

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I used to be a scrapbooker before i was a card collector. Well i do still do alittle from time to time. Today i cleaned out my desk and found an old scrapbook i did and low and behold i found a layout (page) i did and it had a Smallville pieceworks card on it! Wow, i totally forgot i had that thing! LOL  my scanner’s not up or i would post it here but its from season 2 smallville card series. I remember i bought it years ago from ebay just to put it on my Superman tribute layout. Pretty cool!  Ill post it here someday.

Hopefully someday ill run accross a Leonard Nemoy Spock auto card i forgot about. XD  LOL

Well card of the day time…  This time i got a steal off of ebay… a Chekov  auto/costume  case topper card (i think it was a 3 case card). I found out awhile ago what series it was from but my brain isnt working this late at night so i cant remember… sorry.  >_<  But once i find it again ill let you know.  till then … enjoy!

OH and this is a funny thing to mention… today i rented the movie “Iorn Man 2” from the library and it is AWESOME if you havent seen it yet! Funny because the main bad guy in it is russian and so is chekov here… but chekov was a good guy. 😀  Think i might get a few of the iorn man cards too.