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I love costumes! July 16, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in 40th Anniversary cards, Star Trek.
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I LOVE these costume cards! I swear they are the greatest invention since sliced bread! lol
When i first started collecting ST cards in the 90s the best thing that you could get in a box was an auto card (and still they are pretty sweet) but these are insanely cool. 😀 Wonder who thought of cutting up a piece of clothing and putting them in a trading card? I know there’s alot of debate about weather the article should be cut up in the first place (i guess you could say in essance it destroys a piece of history) but i think its a neat idea, I love the fact that i could own this piece of history (something that the people i grew up with watching actually wore in the episodes that i love). They have tons of them now and i plan on hopefully someday owning every single Star Trek costume card ever made (and a few from my favorite movies). Here’s one that i got in a simple trade from what i got in my birthday boxes ( cant remember which thing i traded it for though)..


Honoring a legend February 27, 2011

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George Takei (and thats pronounced “Ta-kay” not “Ta-kai”… which means “expensive” in Japanese 😉 ) is one of those rare, wonderful human beings that doesnt act, but he BECOMES what he plays. When you watch him you KNOW that he is that character. He has a magnificent stage presance. You just instantly respect him.

So tonight im VERY happy to introduce you to my newest member of my collection… 😀

I really pray (and hey i can say this. its is my blog, remember? 🙂 ) that he knows Jesus. I dont know why but something in my heart says he does. Which is really cool. 😀

Freebies!! December 13, 2010

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Thanks so much to my kind friend Chris for giving me these nice cards… one of a Ferengi, “DaiMon Goss” of TNG and the other of my favorite villiness, Seska of Voyager. 😀 Thanks so much Chris, *HUGS*  🙂

Is it just me or…? December 5, 2010

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Hmmm… i have a puzzle….

look at these two cards… are they the same character? I know that the auto card says “Daimon Bok” and the costume says “Daimon Goss”. Perhaps they are the same person but he just played different Ferengi characters? hmmm. It would be cool though. My nice friend at the NSC forum said he would give me two costume cards (the ferengi one here and Seska… my favorite villin :D) from the 40th anniversary set.  Now the Auto card i actually pulled from a pack (yeah i know you didnt need to know that but… hey i thought id say it anyways. :D).  So, are these the same character but mislabeled? Or are they the same person playing different ferengi? hmmm. Any treksters know?

Auto card —>    https://starcards.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/nothing-new/

Costume card —–> Sorry about the bad scan, i took it off an ebay site and when i get my card in the mail ill scan it and put it here but… doesnt it look like the same character?


THEY’RE HOME!!! November 20, 2010

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So my dream cards are FINALLY home!!! 😀  You already saw Robert Downy Jr’s auto and here’s my big dream card ive been telling you about!  Introducing the six-case incentive card from the 40th anniversary set,

*drumroll please*

the Spock auto/costume card!!! YAY!

… sorry about the crappy  scan, i need to ask santa about getting me a new scanner. >_<  but im SO glad he and Robert are home!!!  😀

New stuff! November 18, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in 40th Anniversary cards, Enterprise costumes, promo's/Misc, Star Trek.
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I found more stuff! 😀  Thought i posted everything but i found two more cards to post. yay!  here ya go…

another Tripp costume. Like how you can see the patch on his shoulder.

OH! i found the most amazing thing on ebay…  someone actually professionally framed their Star Trek auto cards! And not just put them in a frame but did this amazing thing with a poster and had cutouts next to the actors and had thier autos next to them. Its just… awesome!!! Take a look…


ok thats it! November 17, 2010

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oy, sometimes i can get my hands REALLY caught in the cookie jar.  So i bought the one really big dream card that ill hopefully get soon and be able to show you. XD  and i bought the Robert downy jr auto … which came out to … eh … alot of money. >_<  So i had to go to my savings to get out the money (which is no biggie, i sold quite a few pieces of artwork so i could do this… buy cards).   Paypal has this new thing called “moneypak”… they make it “easy” to add money… yup you can guess where this is  going… so i go to walmart and load alot of money on it to pay for my purchases. I come home and you have to enter in this number on it and stuff and THEN they get you… if you put on the card more than $250.00 you have to give sensitive info about yourself… i mean “steal  your identity” kinda info!!!  OMGosh i practically went thru the roof! NOWHERE on it (its a card, looks like a credit card) does it say you have to give your sensitive info to be able to use it.  So i was practically in tears because i dont want my identity on the internet! What was i going to do? i had no choice, i had to be able to pay for the purchases i made (NO WAY was i gonna loose Robert or my dream card!!!)… so reluctantly i had to give the info… and God i pray that itll never come back to haunt me. *cries*  😦   So a word to the wise… NEVER buy that “moneypak” thing that they offer you on paypal. Itlll come back to haunt  you in the end.  oh boy.

well on a lighter note…

card of the day! 😀

my last 40th anniversary costume card…. and i think the last of my special cards i have… yup, end of the line folks. 😦  BUT i still have my dream card coming in the mail i have to update with.  From here on in im probably not going to go so crazy on card buying due to the fact that christmas is coming (YIKES is it here already???) and i have a nephew to spoil. lol   OH and i forgot, im doing a secret santa exchange on the non-sports-card forum! 😀  So not sure when that will arrive but ive almost got the card im going to give to my person. Its a nice little sketch card and im going to throw in a few more little goodies for the person. From here on in im going to go a new direction… my big-ol birthday is coming up in … six months?  so im going to start buying star trek boxes here and there and going to do a big break on my birthday! 😀  Im starting to think of what boxes id like to buy. Definatley a 40th ann box (probably two … the UK version and a US version), a Women of Voyager box (they have some cool inserts there… sketch cards… couple costume cards, and auto cards), id like a iorn man box (and probably iorn man 2 box also), id like a star wars heritage box… maybe get Mark Hamill’s auto, wouldnt that be a nice birthday? lol  hmmm… maybe a indiana jones crystal skull box… saw that there were 1/1 dual autos (i know that the 3 auto card is pulled but there is a harrison ford/shia labouf auto that might still be floating around)… hmmm… not sure what else… any suggestions? 🙂

Life’s like a puzzle. November 16, 2010

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Its funny how God works . Oh this story doesnt have anything to do with cards… well on the fringes it does but i wanted to share this story because… its just so cool. 😀  About a month ago they had this mcdonalds monopoly game. I pulled one off of our drink cups (God bless my mother, she drinks about 10 cups of large black coffee a day) and got a $5.00 instant win walmart gift card. So you had to go online to redeem it and they said that itll come to you in the mail.  Well Lord knows a million things happen since then and i totally forget about it. Fast forward to today… OHHHHH my goodness it was a day from the devil himself!  my boss is a real…………meanie… to put it nicely.  The woman seriously cant go to the bathroom and wipe herself without me helping pull down her pants and wipe her butt for her… (think cinderella’s  evil stepmother and youre close to seeing my boss).  ANYWAYS, the woman was extra mean to me today.  THEN on the way home  i had this really nasty person (had to double check it wasnt my boss) seriously stay one INCH away from my bumper, then pull back, then RUN back up to one inch from my bumper… omgosh it was all i could do to keep from slamming on my breaks and throwing that person … well anyways, i kept saying to God “ok, God dont let me do that”. I mean im not an angry bitter person… but id had a hard hard day and that person behind me just nearly sent me over the edge. I get home and my mom’s in a bad mood and she gets on my case becasue she’s also had a hard day. oy. and she’s not like that.

Ok so back on track with the story…. ive had one of my all time favorite movies of all time in my purse for days  now because i bought it brand new  and it was scratched so it wouldnt play right. What movie? Iorn Man 2! Yes you DO see his auto down below there dont ya???  😀 😀 😀   LOL   So we figure we dont want to make dinner because we had such a bad day. So we go to a burger joint  and were in the die-thru … oh i mean … DRIVE -thru and there’s a MILLION cars waiting in line. Seriously takes us 15 min to get thru  the drive thru.  While were in line i look at our mail. I notice an unmarked envelope and open it and it IS…….. my $5.00 walmart card!  YAY! so while were sitting there i call the number and activate it.

We eat dinner in the car and i remember i have to take my dvd back to walmart.  There happens to be a walmart in the same parking lot as the burger joint. So i go there and i go to the back where they have the dvd’s and they HAVE IT!!!  ONE… yes ONE  copy of the two disk special edition dvd of iorn man two ( with the digital copy and all the cool extras?) 😀 😀 :D!!!  YAY!  I didnt have the special edition in the  first place. When i first went to walmart to get it, i went to  another walmart and looked all over and they didnt have the special edition, only the normal dvd.  So i brought the normal dvd back to return it … but i kinda hoped that they would have the special edition and they DID!!! X-D  So im walking back to the register to switch it and i remember i dont have any money on me ( its the day before payday and i spent all my money on dinner). 😦    BUT then i remembered that $5 walmart card i just got!!! 😀 😀 😀   So i asked the guy if i could exchange the other regular dvd for the special. he said that was fine i just had to pay the difference… which the $5 card paid for!!! LOL!  Thank you God! So this lady is a happy camper tonight… has the special edition of Iorn Man 2 and Robert Downy Jr’s auto. XD AHHHH!!!!  so it got me thinking how wierd it is that life is kinda like a puzzle, ya know?  God makes all the pieces fit perfectly.  I wouldnt have been able to get the nice dvd had i not had the scratch on the first one, and i wouldnt have been able to get it had i not had the $5  gift card that we won from my mom’s micky d’s coffee. lol funny how God works in wierd ways.


well now that youre all asleep in the back there… card of the day time. 😀 another  awesome 40th ann card. this picture is just so cute of him!! 😀 lol

no winner… but maybe tomorrow. November 14, 2010

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I had my eye on a kirk pieceworks/auto card that was closing today but it went for alittle more than i wanted to pay. My limit was $200.00 but it went for $207.  Eh, im not crying. I really had my eye on something else. A Robert Downy Jr case insentive auto that is ending tomorrow.  HOPEFULLY *crosses fingers* it wont go above $150 so i can buy it. OH on another front, i won the card im going to give my secret santa. 🙂 Cant tell what it is because he/she might be listening.  but it is a nice little card. Anyways, on to card of the day. 🙂

one of the prettiest cards (and going back to those 40th Ann. cards are just BEAUTIFUL), i love the color sceme and how you see the ship in the background.  Darn im gonna think about collecting all of the 40th cards. XD i LUV em!

hopefully more sales November 13, 2010

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man now im really being dumb. im selling my animation art collection for pennies on the dollar. But i guess to be honest all this stuff i cant take with me when i die… so whats the use of hanging on to clutter?  Ive just been very foolish with my money. >_<;  oy. Well i do have a game plan for reigning in my crazy spending.  And i HAVE TO stick to it.  My birthday is next june and im going to make alot of changes. Heh, i know i do this every year but this is serious now. I want so badly to change my life … refocus my physical health, my spiritual health, and my finances.  Its frustrating when you want to take control of your life and you try and try and try but its like there’s no success.  Heh, i need to learn that i have to give my control over to God. Thats the only way to be able to refocus your life and be a real success at it. Now the problem is doing it. Thats been my main challenge… not the want but the doing. lol, i remember someone saying one time… thats the problem with a  living sacrifice …  it likes to crawl up off the altar to avoid the pain.  LOL  yeah thats definately my problem.

OOOKAY… i know youre all like “ok, enough with the heaviness! On to the card!!” LOL

LOVE this card!!! Great picture, great background, 100% all around! I think the 40th anniversary card set is my favorite. They just hit it outa the ballpark with these! Love how they inserted the ships from the shows behind the people. Very cool! They also did costume/auto cards with this set (and i think that this was the first time they did that).  I  wonder why it took them so long to make those… other companies had been doing them for years. Eh, i guess better late than never. Im really thinking of trying to collect all the cards from this set…. well we’ll see how time and budget come out.  Wish me luck! 🙂