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Honoring a legend February 27, 2011

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George Takei (and thats pronounced “Ta-kay” not “Ta-kai”… which means “expensive” in Japanese 😉 ) is one of those rare, wonderful human beings that doesnt act, but he BECOMES what he plays. When you watch him you KNOW that he is that character. He has a magnificent stage presance. You just instantly respect him.

So tonight im VERY happy to introduce you to my newest member of my collection… 😀

I really pray (and hey i can say this. its is my blog, remember? 🙂 ) that he knows Jesus. I dont know why but something in my heart says he does. Which is really cool. 😀


Marvel DD February 26, 2011

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Marvel’s Dangerous Divas… Sorry friends i wont be getting a box of this.
I used to be a big collector of comics. I really enjoyed the stories and then slowly but surely they just started getting… ugly. This is one of the things that turned me off to comics. Just the fact that most of their stuff is slowly turning into soft porn and giving no respect to their female audience (which i know is very limited but still, you dont turn off the minority of your audience because of the majority). Well anyways, not to go into a long debate but you ask why i got this card if i wasnt interested in it? Well i need some freebies to give away at my online birthday “party” :D.

Bond… James Bond… February 21, 2011

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Always liked James Bond. Connery and Brosnan’s bond were the best… not too sure about this new guy. He just doesnt have the … finesse (sp?), BUT he is cute so yeah id like his auto. 😀 Id really been wanting this promo that i saw on ebay of the new James Bond Mission Logs… and low and behold i got one as a freebie with my most recent purchases of card boxes! 😀

and a couple closeups of the ones id really like to get…

Its just stuff February 19, 2011

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I sold a very expensive piece of artwork today for pennies on the dollar ( originally paid $600 but sold it for $150… minus shipping costs). I was feeling pretty bad for the loss but then i thought, its just stuff, ya know? This “stuff” is just my hobby, not my life. Though at one point in time i made it my life and my status symbol (saying to myself “oh look at me with this really cool piece of art” blah, blah). Ya know when it all comes down to it we will have to leave it all in the end. No matter how much money we make or how many cards or pieces of art we own. In the end what will really define me? I feel really bad because im wasting my money with this stuff and not saving for my future or making my mothers (short) future any better. Well alittle about me, i still live with my mom, and im not married nor have any kids. All the family i have in this world is me, my elderly mom, and my (VERY) elderly grandma (she’s 96). I spend alot of time looking for new card stuff to buy … probably too much time. and i know not enough spending with them… or God. LOL, i know what youre thinking, “DO something about it then!!”. I guess when youve been doing something all your life change is really hard.
Heh, i just found out that my old friend that ive had from highschool is getting married. She’s starting a new chapter in her life. And i guess with me ive been stuck since those days. Just getting by. I really dont know what to do, i feel really helpless sometimes. I want to make my (our) lives better, i just dont know how. Yeah i could save up all the money i ever get but… i know better that money doesnt have all the awnsers in life.

i made it! February 19, 2011

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Whew, i heard that they were almost out of the pre-sell boxes of “Star Wars Galaxy 6” and like i said on NSC forum, i was going to look everywhere to find a box. Thankfully i found a place that had about 1 case left of em and scored one… i really wanted two boxes but just cant afford two at this time (woulda been like $150 and i cant afford it). 😦 But im glad i could get at least the one for my b-day. 🙂
OH, something i wanted to share that i got with my order of the ST promos and the ST 7 box…..
Sparticus Promo…
Never seen this show before but after seeing this promo… i might just have to! @_@ 😀

BEHOLD! February 18, 2011

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Ah, theyre finally home. 😀 Presenting… from one of my favorite sets of all time…
Star Trek Voyager Closer To Home oversized promo cards 1 thru 3!
#1 … Janeway

#2… Chakotay…
i did originally have this card in my collection but it was badly damaged. So here is the scan from actually my first post ever here on star cards… https://starcards.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/welcome-to-star-cards/
and here is the back of it…

#3 … Seven of Nine…

Arent the images beautiful? I swear whoever did this set really did a wonderful job. And these things are HUGE… like, i think theyre 6in by 10in or something? I think that they were originally a multiple case insentive offered to dealers. Im not totally sure though. But im REALLY happy to get them. 😀

Mail day! February 18, 2011

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THEY CAME! My two boxes of ST cards and the three cards that ive been so excited to get (which i will get those scanned and up here either tonight or tomrrow). But something that concerned me, the Season 7 box didnt have a sticker on it. 😦 Ya know, one of those silver ones that say, “x” of 5,000 boxes, stickers saying how many boxes were made. Im worried that an auto isnt in this box… man and i cant buy another box, i have too many i still need to buy.
Well, here’s hoping that its just a fluke or something. aw man. >_<

Two more! February 13, 2011

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Yup, won two more boxes for my birthday. 😀 lol… whew, gotta take a break now. lol Anyways, that makes the box count to…………22! Heh, thats gonna take me all day… YAY! LOL 😀
So here they are…
One is a really rare box of Smallville Season 1 (for under $30)

And another is from my favorite ST series… Voyager!

We got another winner! February 11, 2011

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Yay!!! Heh, im on a roll lately.
I got the previous box (the ST in motion) for $41 shipped then i got this box today for $55 shipped… 

AND i got some AWESOME cards with it (that im REALLY happy to get because this is one of the few series that i want to get the entire set of) but i wont show them today because the seller’s scan is so incredibly horrible that i dont even want to show them to you… when i get them ill take good scans and show you. 😀 so stay tuned my friends! 😉

SCORE! February 8, 2011

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Yesss! Got another box for the b-day! 😀
Thought it might be interesting since all the base cards are lenticular. Also is really cool that you get THREE autos in the box too. 😀 C’mon June!!!