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another great pull July 17, 2011

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My Indy boxes were the best of my birthday breaks… another great pull (this one from Heritage), Shortround!

My first Indiana Jones movie i ever saw was this movie, “Temple of Doom” and i HATED it. lol seriously. But the way i saw it was all wrong. I was … maybe 6 years old and my daycare showed this to us (yeah SERIOUSLY showing that to a bunch of 6yo’s). I had nightmares about that scene on the bridge where the kid is yelling to Indy “COVER YOUR HEART! COVER YOUR HEART!” (lol – i laugh about it now because ive seen it now as an adult and how cheezy it was). I never saw another indy movie till the 90s when i was in my early teens and i saw “Last Crusade” and it became one of my all time favorite movies. I worked up my nerve to finally watch Raiders a few years ago (yeah it freaked me out that bad) and when i saw it and saw what i was afraid of i was like “Wha? i was afraid of that???” lol (hey i was a little kid). So now i totally love this trilogy. Im probably someday … if they have them on sale again, im going to break another case of this stuff. 🙂


New stuff! July 15, 2011

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Well remember all the crap i got in the boxes for my birthday? I traded them for some cool stuff! 😀 Ill start my card of the day posts again since i got quite a few things, thankfully.
Starting with my stuff that i actually DIDNT trade away….
I got a case of Indiana Jones KOTCS… these were my hits

Everything but the Ray Winstone i pulled (and i traded some inserts for it). I was VERY happy about the Shia Labeuf auto!! That was the only card i pulled from my 30 boxes that i REALLY wanted. Karen Allen was great too (now just if i could have pulled Indy himself! lol). Ill have the pulls from the IJ Heritage case up tomorrow. Till then, be good to each other kids! 🙂

Rain, Rain go away June 12, 2011

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No its not raining here where i am, but i remember that old saying “when it rains it pours”. Oy, i had that kinda week. Well first off i did a good job at my work and got all my projects done i really wanted to do (took me a whole week to complete it) then my boss thats above me and the main boss at my work brought me in for an evaluation. Not good. My boss thats above me is a major … not nice person… and she totally lied about me in front of the big boss. So yeah all my hard work is forgotten and swept under the rug (which afterword when i leave that day she emails me and says “oh i forgot to say thank you for what you did today (what she means is this WEEK)” … needless to say i didnt want to hear that.
Then when i was home the next day i found out that i can no longer watch anyone on blogtv nor can i broadcast for some reason. *sigh* i email blogtv and tell them what happened and they say “change your browser” i tell them i did and they say “update your flash” well i cant because i have a very old computer (from 2003) and it can no longer be updated. 😦
so THEN today i was feeling really sad and thought to myself “oh well ill open up one of the boxes for my birthday break… which now i cant have my big party online like i was planning to because blogtv no longer works for me (along with any other webcasting site)… but anyways, i open the box for fun and low and behold i get a great auto! 😀

Thank you God! I needed that. lol

I love recording the breaks i do so when i went to upload the video from my camera to the computer… the camera dies. 😦
oy, i hope next week is better.

Ill be just uploading the break to youtube instead of doing it live. 😦

SINNER!!! January 10, 2011

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And so life goes on. 🙂

got something new today and im really excited about it. No not because of the subject matter, its … less than stellar… >_<.  Bought it for two bucks from a nice guy from a forum i go to.


Why would i honestly PAY  REAL MONEY for this thing? Well im going to do something that is kinda controversial (i know SOMEONE is going to email me say WHAT ARE YU CRAZY!?).  Im going to have my friend redo it.  😀 Ive already erased the “drawing”  and im going to see if she could redo it for me.  Not sure what id like done, i really like these foil cards they have with the set…


but idunno theyre probably too complicated.  eh… oh well. anything would be an improvement from the first thing. X-p

Did it again. January 8, 2011

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UGH i dont know how im going to last till June! LOL

I opened another box today. Well i figured im going to get 8 boxes of Indy Heritage so why not open the single one i have.  So here’s what i got…

A  box topper  Kingdom of Crystal Skull promo card  #P2 AND

Wolfie! 😀  Its funny. I opened the box so fast that i didnt notice this guy. Then when i was all done i was so sad that i hadnt gotten a sketch or auto that i was all upset.  So i was looking back through them to see if i could find a parrallel card and i found this guy! 😀  Great because i think he was in my favorite movie, “Last Crusade”.  So not a bad break.  Just hope i can keep myself from opening any more boxes till June. >_<

Great Deal! December 30, 2010

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So ive been wanting to get a case of Indiana Jones Heritage for my birthday in June (yeah i know ive got LOADS of time … but they dont always have the great sales like now).  So ive been watching the major online card dealers and hoping that they would have some good end of year deals… well i finally saw it… a few weeks ago Blowout cards had a case of Heritage on sale for $170 BUT i was totally broke then. Well today (and yeah im still broke but not as broke as i was)  i checked and they had an 8 box case for $150!!! 😀  I totally jumped on it.  Ive heard bad things about it but … well … i really like indiana jones and there’s nothing else on the market (i already got a case of IJ Crystal Skull … bought for $100  on ebay X-D ).  And the Masterpiece series is totally sold out EVERYWHERE. So now the box count is up tooooooo… (because i had to minus the dumb retail boxes i accidentally bought *sigh* >_<)… 8 boxes of  IJ Crystal Skull,  8 Boxes of IJ Heritage, 1 box of Iorn Man (1st movie), 1 “Magical Mystery Box” (my top secret box i will share on my b-day :D), and i also have 1 extra box of IJ Heritage i bought awhile ago… sooo… 19 boxes!  Hey maybe i might make my 30 box quota after all!  😀

Next up … for febuary since i spent my  Jan “quota”  … im going to get  4 Star Wars Galaxy 6 boxes… got some awesome sketch cards going into em and HOPEFULLY i can get a Charles Hall sketch (look at this AWESOME stuff…  http://scoundrelpublishing.com/spart/viewtopic.php?t=21994&start=0 ) OR one of Denise’s cards (cant wait to see your cards Denise!!!).

Next up, think id get one of the  “ST Original Series, Remastered” boxes. It looks interesting.  Then id like a “Women of ST” box,  Star Wars 30th Ann or Star WArs Heritage, hmmmm… that would make 27… what 3 more boxes could i get? hmmm. Any suggestions guys? 🙂

Praise the Lord!! December 25, 2010

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Well ive been eyeballing it for… months now and finally i cracked it open. lol

Remember me saying i bought a box of Indy Jones Kingdom of the Crystal skull for my birthday? Well i didnt get have any presants to open today (christmas) so i figured… oh heck… we dont know what tomorrow will bring, i may not live to see my birthday so lets see if i can have a nice christmas… and i did! 😀 lol   Here’s my pulls… i got 8 out of 10 foil cards, 2 parralels  ( card number 54  and its numbered 94/350 and i also got card 50  numbered 337/350  AND… ONE SKETCH CARD AND ONE AUTO!!!

Oh im so happy! I now how rare it is to get a nice sketch card and an auto and i got them in the same box! 😀  That sketch is really pretty. i can tell whoever did it really put effort into it ( when i scanned it i could see more of the detail… its just breathtaking!).  Thank you whoever did it, you did  a really superb job! Though i doubt whoever did do it will ever see my blog, lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY  BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!


EDIT…. ok i did some research and found the authors name (John Ocampo )and my sketch’s “brother” lol …

http://www.sketchcollectors.com/gallery.php?entry=12591    Idunno but i like mine better… but im biased. LOL   X-D and it looks like his sketches arent all that rare  1:2,758 i saw on the topps website but it doesnt matter to me, he did a beautiful job and that makes me happy! 😀

slowing down? who me? November 28, 2010

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Heh, yeah i said i was slowing down b/c of the holiday…. >_<;

BUT … who could pass up a unopened box of Indy Jones Crystal Skull for $17  shipped? 😀

I said … well its not even twenty bucks and might yield an auto or a nice sketch so what the heck.

Oh and i forgot to mention that  i bought the Vault for $40… so the money count for the birthday break issss… $93 for three boxes (includes shipping)… not bad.

ok, ok!! November 24, 2010

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okay okay, ya’ll twisted my arm 😀 … or it mighta been those crickets that i hear chirping that did… >_<;

ANYWAYS, here’s the first addition to the MEGA BIG BIRTHDAY BOX BREAK……………………

Indiana Jones Heritage box.  I think you either get a auto or a sketch card per box. Ive heard some bad things about some of the boxes not having anything (yeah AFTER i buy the box *sigh*) BUT i have a feeling im going to strike gold with this one! 😀  wish me luck!

Ive got a few others lined up to (hopefully) buy soon… what with black friday being almost here (and some retailers starting black friday tomorrow) there’s alot of great deals to be had!  Cross your fingers for me! 😀