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Marvel DD February 26, 2011

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Marvel’s Dangerous Divas… Sorry friends i wont be getting a box of this.
I used to be a big collector of comics. I really enjoyed the stories and then slowly but surely they just started getting… ugly. This is one of the things that turned me off to comics. Just the fact that most of their stuff is slowly turning into soft porn and giving no respect to their female audience (which i know is very limited but still, you dont turn off the minority of your audience because of the majority). Well anyways, not to go into a long debate but you ask why i got this card if i wasnt interested in it? Well i need some freebies to give away at my online birthday “party” :D.


Bond… James Bond… February 21, 2011

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Always liked James Bond. Connery and Brosnan’s bond were the best… not too sure about this new guy. He just doesnt have the … finesse (sp?), BUT he is cute so yeah id like his auto. 😀 Id really been wanting this promo that i saw on ebay of the new James Bond Mission Logs… and low and behold i got one as a freebie with my most recent purchases of card boxes! 😀

and a couple closeups of the ones id really like to get…

i made it! February 19, 2011

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Whew, i heard that they were almost out of the pre-sell boxes of “Star Wars Galaxy 6” and like i said on NSC forum, i was going to look everywhere to find a box. Thankfully i found a place that had about 1 case left of em and scored one… i really wanted two boxes but just cant afford two at this time (woulda been like $150 and i cant afford it). 😦 But im glad i could get at least the one for my b-day. 🙂
OH, something i wanted to share that i got with my order of the ST promos and the ST 7 box…..
Sparticus Promo…
Never seen this show before but after seeing this promo… i might just have to! @_@ 😀

Rittenhouse rant January 23, 2011

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WARNING… the owner of this blog is in bioch mode… you have been warned!!!

Well i was thinking to myself when i saw sample cards of Rittenhouse’s new Complete Star Trek NG  cards coming up in June… OH MY GARSH… they look exactly like the “quotable” next gen cards!!!  What is up with Rittenhouse?!?!  Serioulsy. Ok, so they copied the last set (i think it was Quotable movies) from a Skybox line, now theyre copying the complete STNG from the Next Gen quotable?!  Man, this just makes me so mad.  Ok, its not like the Star Trek line is a gamble where they cant spend too much on pics for their cards (or however they buy the images to use on their cards)… Star Trek is like a no brainer! CMON GUYS!!! Lets get those creative juices flowing here and think of some new things to do with your cards. Stop re-using the same material!  I mean look at how much time is put into football cards and some of those really look nice.  I saw the new promo card for the complete Next Gen and about 25% of the card (a border) is just blank white!  WHA? good grief thats so boaring!!!

I was thinking next of their 40th anniversary cards ( not the Original series 40th but the one with all the captains). I think that was just poorly done.  I mean the stellar part was the costume cards… they really nailed those … but the rest of the set was just a flop.  They did the base cards with just about the four captains. Now thats not right. What i think they should have done was done 1 card per character of all of the series (with info about that character on the back… i mean its not like there arent fan sites out there with tons of info on each character… of course they cant plagerize those sites but you can still get info and just state the info).    Insert card wise, i think they should have done some tribute cards.… yes i know they did tribute cards to Mr Doohan but theyre like IMPOSSIBLE to find.  They should have had those as regular inserts.  I will say the TV guide inserts were nice and an interesting touch. Other inserts should have been maybe cards of the ships (and space station DS9)?  But all in all i think the base set was just rushed.  I mean i know they have done Voyager profiles and TNG profiles but… well i think when its a 40th anniversary it should have been about ST as a whole.

sigh… oh well…  on to card of the day! 🙂 Just an insert but i just love the picture of this guy… its an old school Skybox insert (a gold card from one of the three seasons of the OS)… and for some reason the gold side wont load… but this side is nicer so hope you enjoy! 🙂


COTD January 22, 2011

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i used to go crazy stupid wild over these Lion King cards. I found this Leniticular (sp?) in a pack… one of thousands my poor mother bought for me back in the 90’s … never boxes, just packs. lol stupid.  Well at least i got a cute card out of it.

Scooby doo! December 28, 2010

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Yesterday i got a nice scooby card in trade and i was so upset yesterday i forgot to post it. enjoy! 🙂

Frank Welker! The voice of Scooby Doo and Shaggy from the 70’s and 80’s… along with Scooby he probably  did  90% of all the other shows and movies i watched as a kid.  Im really happy to have his auto!


whew, hard day December 8, 2010

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heh, i swear sometimes im such an airhead!

ok well i buy this box … which i will affectionately call the “mystery box” because its a very rare box from a series i collect and i got a GREAT GREAT deal on it ($96 shipped). ill give ya a hint, this box is over ten years old… actually it came out when i graduated highschool.  lol  OOPS i shouldnta said that. @_@  >_<;  LOL   oookay moooving on…

so, i happen to buy a pieceworks card at the same time for $9.  Well i totally dispise paypal so i want to send a money order for the big item and do paypal for the little item. i email the person who i THINK is the seller of the big item, ask his addy and all and i sent it off today… BUT as im going to work today i hits me… I SENT THE MO TO THE WRONG PERSON!!!!!!  *insert MANY colorful curse words here* I sent $96 for a $9 card!!!!!! omgosh im freaking out… i cant afford to loose that money (because the MO was in the wrong person’s name) .  So onmy lunch break i RACE to the bank (where i got the MO from) and i ask the lady at the desk can i put a stop payment on the check … she says yes but youll have to pay a $30 fee!!!!!!!!!  cursed banks, they get all that gvnt money and STILL they rob us!!!  So i just cant pay that fee so i take a chance and i go back to work (yeah i really wanted to go back to work now, i wanted to cry all the way home). I get on the email and i email the guy i sent the mo to… he’s nice and says that he will send it back without cashing it… (hopefully >_<) but he sounds like he’s serious and an honest guy. God i hope so.  I cant afford to loose $96  on stupidity. >_<  ugh.

Well anyways, on to fun stuff… 🙂

so i did open the Journey to the Center of the earth box and i got a pieceworks out of it…

He played Batman (well, the kid batman) on an episode of Justice League.… which to me was his only claim to fame. lol

OH i also got my Iorn Man and Indiana Jones crystal skull boxes today! AND i sent away for a promo card and got it…

Enjoy! Till next time! 🙂

New stuff! November 18, 2010

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I found more stuff! 😀  Thought i posted everything but i found two more cards to post. yay!  here ya go…

another Tripp costume. Like how you can see the patch on his shoulder.

OH! i found the most amazing thing on ebay…  someone actually professionally framed their Star Trek auto cards! And not just put them in a frame but did this amazing thing with a poster and had cutouts next to the actors and had thier autos next to them. Its just… awesome!!! Take a look…


Aw, i lost. :( November 10, 2010

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Well i lost the bids on 6 boxes of cards (6 separate auctions… whoever won them got a really good deal… all rare boxes under $100 apiece). 😦  Well its okay. They mightve been duds anyways.  I believe God forbids stuff for a reason. Besides, I still gotta pay off the dream card i just purchased. 😀 He put up some more really rare cards and ill try and bid on one of em. MMM… not sure tho.  $300.00 is all i really want to pay right now.  Ill think it over.

OH! i got three cards come in today!  I got my Martha Hackett (Seska) and my Chakotay costume card come in! 😀 Theyre pictured in a blog a few days ago that i posted (scan down below) and i FINALLY got my Legolas card!!! 😀 YAY!!!!  whew never thought i was going to get him.  heh, when the guy finally emailed the tracking number he said he would throw in some promos and give me ten percent back… never got my ten percent and he sent like two different cards but 5 each of them @_@  its like… just one woulda been enough. LOL  I was thinking of leaving bad feedback but… eh im not into getting blood from the stones.… or is it turnups? eh whatever.

Well, on to card of the day! 😀  and who is it? LEGOLAS!!  YAY!!! he’s finally home! *HUGS*  isnt he gorgeous? 😀 i seriously have a thing for guys with pointy ears. ROFL!!!

Sorry the scan is so sucky.  its from the seller and it was scanned with the card being inside the plastic holder >_<  Someday ill rescan it and post it here.  … till then have a great night kiddies!