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Honoring a legend February 27, 2011

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George Takei (and thats pronounced “Ta-kay” not “Ta-kai”… which means “expensive” in Japanese 😉 ) is one of those rare, wonderful human beings that doesnt act, but he BECOMES what he plays. When you watch him you KNOW that he is that character. He has a magnificent stage presance. You just instantly respect him.

So tonight im VERY happy to introduce you to my newest member of my collection… 😀

I really pray (and hey i can say this. its is my blog, remember? 🙂 ) that he knows Jesus. I dont know why but something in my heart says he does. Which is really cool. 😀


There’s always another rainbow.. December 15, 2010

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So i didnt win the thing i was bidding on. It was a Sean Connery 007 prop card. Ive always been a major fan of connery ever since i was a little girl when i first saw “Darby O’Gill and the little people”.  I think my favorite movie of all time of his was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.   Really sucks that i couldnt win that card.  But as they always say there’s something around the corner just as good.… well maybe not JUST AS good but good. I believe that if i dont get it then God’s saying “no youre meant to have something better”… call me crazy, i just believe that. 🙂  I (again) saw on ebay something i wanted to buy for the same price. It ends tomorrow so … again, wish me mojo! 🙂  Till then… check out my newest piece i got today! 😀

The only thing i love more than costume cards is their price!! $12 shipped for this McCoy costume card!  Man i love these things! From the 5th Star Trek movie, “The Final Frontier” and he’s even numbered too (378 of 1701)!

THEY’RE HOME!!! November 20, 2010

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So my dream cards are FINALLY home!!! 😀  You already saw Robert Downy Jr’s auto and here’s my big dream card ive been telling you about!  Introducing the six-case incentive card from the 40th anniversary set,

*drumroll please*

the Spock auto/costume card!!! YAY!

… sorry about the crappy  scan, i need to ask santa about getting me a new scanner. >_<  but im SO glad he and Robert are home!!!  😀

Wow, where’d that come from? November 6, 2010

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I used to be a scrapbooker before i was a card collector. Well i do still do alittle from time to time. Today i cleaned out my desk and found an old scrapbook i did and low and behold i found a layout (page) i did and it had a Smallville pieceworks card on it! Wow, i totally forgot i had that thing! LOL  my scanner’s not up or i would post it here but its from season 2 smallville card series. I remember i bought it years ago from ebay just to put it on my Superman tribute layout. Pretty cool!  Ill post it here someday.

Hopefully someday ill run accross a Leonard Nemoy Spock auto card i forgot about. XD  LOL

Well card of the day time…  This time i got a steal off of ebay… a Chekov  auto/costume  case topper card (i think it was a 3 case card). I found out awhile ago what series it was from but my brain isnt working this late at night so i cant remember… sorry.  >_<  But once i find it again ill let you know.  till then … enjoy!

OH and this is a funny thing to mention… today i rented the movie “Iorn Man 2” from the library and it is AWESOME if you havent seen it yet! Funny because the main bad guy in it is russian and so is chekov here… but chekov was a good guy. 😀  Think i might get a few of the iorn man cards too.