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slowing down? who me? November 28, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones.
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Heh, yeah i said i was slowing down b/c of the holiday…. >_<;

BUT … who could pass up a unopened box of Indy Jones Crystal Skull for $17  shipped? 😀

I said … well its not even twenty bucks and might yield an auto or a nice sketch so what the heck.

Oh and i forgot to mention that  i bought the Vault for $40… so the money count for the birthday break issss… $93 for three boxes (includes shipping)… not bad.


Happy B-day Grandma!! November 27, 2010

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So i spent the day with my grandma… she turned 96 today! 😀 Had a great day! AND….

i bought another box for my birthday break!!!

WHEW boy do i know  how to juggle!!! ROFL

OK, i had … $43.00 in the paypal acct.  i dont have a credit card or debit card to refill it fast, i have to fill it from my bank acct (and that takes 7 days >_< …oy.  SO there was this big sale going on one of the card dealer sites. $34 for a box of Razor Ink!!  $40 shipped.  You’d think that i have enough $ in the paypal to pay it? nope… stupid fee-bay (as someone so eloquently called it X-D ) sent me a invoice that i owe them $3.50 for what i sold this last month with them… ARGH! and theyre going to take out the money anytime between tomorrow and wed. So if i bought the Razor i wouldnt have enough money for ebay…. darn them i thought they took out the money when i made the sale! So i never worried about keeping money in my acct… it just so happened i had extra money from a sale i just made a few days ago. Well it looked like i couldnt get the Razor  😦   UNTIL… i had an idea… I have some extra cels and sketches lying around i dont want anymore… why not offer it for free on this one site to the person that will pay for shipping   ($5 and that will take me over the limit so can buy the Razor AND have money for FEEbay!!!)!!! XD  Thank you God!

And now … the prize! 😀

Hopefully itll have gold in it!!!

black … no blue friday November 26, 2010

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blah.  well i watched the internet all day but black friday turned out to be a flop.  Most of the deals were just for sports cards and all the non sports cards were either something that wasnt really a good deal or just… as one guy said on one forum… JUNK.   😦  booo!

oh well, i really need to save my moo la.  Im going to buy my nephew one of many christmas presants this week (because thankfully i get paid :D) and my grandmas birthday is tomorrow… she’s 96!! Dang i cant imagine what she’s seen all her life.  Kinda makes me think of where ill be in 50 years …  Well you have a good weekend kiddies!

Happy Thanksgiving!! November 25, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my american brothers and sisters out there!

I am thankful for… my family, my God, my job, my friends, my car… my cards 😉 … and great FOOD!!!

OH and the black friday deals that start today! 😀  One website is offering a different deal every hour so hopefully theyll put something i like on sale.

well you all have a great day!!

ok, ok!! November 24, 2010

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okay okay, ya’ll twisted my arm 😀 … or it mighta been those crickets that i hear chirping that did… >_<;

ANYWAYS, here’s the first addition to the MEGA BIG BIRTHDAY BOX BREAK……………………

Indiana Jones Heritage box.  I think you either get a auto or a sketch card per box. Ive heard some bad things about some of the boxes not having anything (yeah AFTER i buy the box *sigh*) BUT i have a feeling im going to strike gold with this one! 😀  wish me luck!

Ive got a few others lined up to (hopefully) buy soon… what with black friday being almost here (and some retailers starting black friday tomorrow) there’s alot of great deals to be had!  Cross your fingers for me! 😀

First one down! November 21, 2010

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Well i bought my first box this mornin for my big birthday break. Wont tell ya what i got, youll have to come back in a week and see. 😀 I can tell ya this though, its not a Star Trek box.  Got it on sale… well with shipping it came out to what some other boxes were going for but i guess you just cant get around shipping >_<; .  Oh well. Ill post it here when i get it.  Sorry there’s no show and tell today. 😦   When i get the box ill post it here. Take care!  ❤

THEY’RE HOME!!! November 20, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in 40th Anniversary cards, Original Series Costumes, Spock, Star Trek.
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So my dream cards are FINALLY home!!! 😀  You already saw Robert Downy Jr’s auto and here’s my big dream card ive been telling you about!  Introducing the six-case incentive card from the 40th anniversary set,

*drumroll please*

the Spock auto/costume card!!! YAY!

… sorry about the crappy  scan, i need to ask santa about getting me a new scanner. >_<  but im SO glad he and Robert are home!!!  😀

thinking November 19, 2010

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been thinking of my upcoming birthday… yeah six months away. lol  been thinking of what boxes id like to break  and how id like to break em… i dont have a webcam unfortunately (but i dont know maybe i could find one online for cheap).  Maybe just a youtube vid would be better.  Time-wise im thinking of doing it at midnight on my birthday. Thats if im not doing anything else at the time (being out with friends or something).  Anyways, ive thought of a list of boxes id like to buy for my break…

1. ST  40th anniversary  – US and UK versions  – i LOVE the cards coming on ebay from this set (and youve seen all the cards i bought offhand… just beautiful!).

2. Women of ST Voyager – From the looks of the box itself it looks like it would be a fun break. Sketchcards, costume cards, and autos.

3. ST 2009  movie – again from all the cards ive seen i really like them. Looks like they have all the actors costumes and autos up for grabs.

4. Iorn Man Movies 1 & 2 – LOVE LOVE these movies!!!! would love any autos, sketch or costume cards from them

5. Indiana Jones Heritage or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – id love to get a Harrison Ford auto!

6. Star Wars Heritage- heard that they had Mark Hamill’s auto or Carrie Fisher in it.  That would make a GREAT birthday! LOL

7. Enterprise season 4 – again, autos and costume cards… really love those T’Pal costume cards!!

8. Whatever’s cheap and looks good. 🙂

So … if ill actually get all of these boxes… well thatll be up to my finances. LOL  but im definately getting my top 3 up there.  Hopefully the rest also. Well i got six more months to go! 😀 ill keep you updated. Till then i have my last card in my collection at the moment for ya…

Seska is probably one of my most favorite villins in ST.  She was such a complex character. Its really too bad she was only on for the first and second season.  What i really wish was that her child was Chakotay’s child. Now THAT would have made it really interesting!

Well with my dream card coming in the mail shortly (currently he’s in Jacksonville FL. Hopefully he will come tomorrow) thatll do it for my collection. I might not update every single day but definatly whenever anything good comes around or i see something id like to chat about.

God bless and goodnight! 🙂

New stuff! November 18, 2010

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I found more stuff! 😀  Thought i posted everything but i found two more cards to post. yay!  here ya go…

another Tripp costume. Like how you can see the patch on his shoulder.

OH! i found the most amazing thing on ebay…  someone actually professionally framed their Star Trek auto cards! And not just put them in a frame but did this amazing thing with a poster and had cutouts next to the actors and had thier autos next to them. Its just… awesome!!! Take a look…


ok thats it! November 17, 2010

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oy, sometimes i can get my hands REALLY caught in the cookie jar.  So i bought the one really big dream card that ill hopefully get soon and be able to show you. XD  and i bought the Robert downy jr auto … which came out to … eh … alot of money. >_<  So i had to go to my savings to get out the money (which is no biggie, i sold quite a few pieces of artwork so i could do this… buy cards).   Paypal has this new thing called “moneypak”… they make it “easy” to add money… yup you can guess where this is  going… so i go to walmart and load alot of money on it to pay for my purchases. I come home and you have to enter in this number on it and stuff and THEN they get you… if you put on the card more than $250.00 you have to give sensitive info about yourself… i mean “steal  your identity” kinda info!!!  OMGosh i practically went thru the roof! NOWHERE on it (its a card, looks like a credit card) does it say you have to give your sensitive info to be able to use it.  So i was practically in tears because i dont want my identity on the internet! What was i going to do? i had no choice, i had to be able to pay for the purchases i made (NO WAY was i gonna loose Robert or my dream card!!!)… so reluctantly i had to give the info… and God i pray that itll never come back to haunt me. *cries*  😦   So a word to the wise… NEVER buy that “moneypak” thing that they offer you on paypal. Itlll come back to haunt  you in the end.  oh boy.

well on a lighter note…

card of the day! 😀

my last 40th anniversary costume card…. and i think the last of my special cards i have… yup, end of the line folks. 😦  BUT i still have my dream card coming in the mail i have to update with.  From here on in im probably not going to go so crazy on card buying due to the fact that christmas is coming (YIKES is it here already???) and i have a nephew to spoil. lol   OH and i forgot, im doing a secret santa exchange on the non-sports-card forum! 😀  So not sure when that will arrive but ive almost got the card im going to give to my person. Its a nice little sketch card and im going to throw in a few more little goodies for the person. From here on in im going to go a new direction… my big-ol birthday is coming up in … six months?  so im going to start buying star trek boxes here and there and going to do a big break on my birthday! 😀  Im starting to think of what boxes id like to buy. Definatley a 40th ann box (probably two … the UK version and a US version), a Women of Voyager box (they have some cool inserts there… sketch cards… couple costume cards, and auto cards), id like a iorn man box (and probably iorn man 2 box also), id like a star wars heritage box… maybe get Mark Hamill’s auto, wouldnt that be a nice birthday? lol  hmmm… maybe a indiana jones crystal skull box… saw that there were 1/1 dual autos (i know that the 3 auto card is pulled but there is a harrison ford/shia labouf auto that might still be floating around)… hmmm… not sure what else… any suggestions? 🙂