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Freebies!! December 13, 2010

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Thanks so much to my kind friend Chris for giving me these nice cards… one of a Ferengi, “DaiMon Goss” of TNG and the other of my favorite villiness, Seska of Voyager. 😀 Thanks so much Chris, *HUGS*  🙂


YAY its Christmas!!! December 6, 2010

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Well no, but its Christmas for me!!! YAY!

I did a gift exchange at my NSCF site that i love to go to and today I got a TON of nice (i mean SUPER  nice) things from my (secret) Santa. 😀  THANK YOU SANTA!!!! *HUGS*  soooo on to the goodies…

First up is a nice little auto from  a lady that played on my favorite trek show, Voyager… Megan Gallagher…  Im not sure if she was in any other Trek shows. Her name sounds very familiar to me but i just cant place it (oh and btw her character’s name was “Lt. Jaryn” aaaand it didnt say the episode so ill have to look that up BUT here she is!

Second up…  is another auto from Voyager. A gentleman by the name of Kurtwood Smith. On the back it says he played “Annorax” in the episode “Year of Hell” (which was an awesome set of episodes). Now i really think that this guy played in more ST episodes (not sure which series though). His face is really familiar… i wanna say DS9? i think he was like a human admiral in the Federation… hmm, another to look up but anyways, here he is…

OMGosh this guy (my secret santa)was so nice to me… seriously  dude i really appreciate it!!!!! 😀

Ok, sooooo… i got one more Voyager card… this ones a costume card.  KES! from the “Women of Star Trek” card series (which was a really great series, i have to get abox to break of that one of these days… hopefully for my birthday… 😀

My next present  was an auto from one of the Next Gen movies… A gentleman by the name of “Brain Thompson”. It doesnt give his name but it says he was the “Klingon Helmsman” in the movie “Generations”.  For some reason im thinking that he also played somewhere else as … something… but anyways, here he is… 😀

Okies, one im UBER excited about… an auto ive wanted for a long time actually… Suzie Plakson!!!  She played on Voyager as the “Female Q” BUT she also played in … omgosh almost EVERYWHERE else on ST!  She played another one of my fav characters on the Next Generation… Kay’Lar! She was Worf’s mate. I loved that storyline! It made Worf such a complex character.  She also played on the Enterprise show as Tarah the Andorian. She was in one of the best episodes… and i cant  remember the name of it BUT i know you guys are falling asleep back there so without further ado… 😀

My next two im really so excited to get also … and another two that are REALLY cool and that ive been wanting… LURSA AND B’ETOR!!!


Ok so you say “wow you got some good stuff!” ooooooh yeah but you havent seen the MAIN event!!! 😀  Shoot i was FLOORED when i saw this guy…………………………………………………


OMFREAKINGGORSH,   SPOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

That was like, seriously, the best presant i coulda ever ever have gotten, THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He will be very happy with his brothers, my other spock cards! 😀

ive wanted this card for ages because im trying to get every auto, costume, etc spock related. I love Spock!  X-D  And ya know what, i just realized i didnt upload my other spock costume card i have! @_@ sorry guys… ill upload him tomorrow if ya dont mind. I got my Razor Vault box today and im gonna open it soon. 😀   Thanks for looking guys! see ya later!

thinking November 19, 2010

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been thinking of my upcoming birthday… yeah six months away. lol  been thinking of what boxes id like to break  and how id like to break em… i dont have a webcam unfortunately (but i dont know maybe i could find one online for cheap).  Maybe just a youtube vid would be better.  Time-wise im thinking of doing it at midnight on my birthday. Thats if im not doing anything else at the time (being out with friends or something).  Anyways, ive thought of a list of boxes id like to buy for my break…

1. ST  40th anniversary  – US and UK versions  – i LOVE the cards coming on ebay from this set (and youve seen all the cards i bought offhand… just beautiful!).

2. Women of ST Voyager – From the looks of the box itself it looks like it would be a fun break. Sketchcards, costume cards, and autos.

3. ST 2009  movie – again from all the cards ive seen i really like them. Looks like they have all the actors costumes and autos up for grabs.

4. Iorn Man Movies 1 & 2 – LOVE LOVE these movies!!!! would love any autos, sketch or costume cards from them

5. Indiana Jones Heritage or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – id love to get a Harrison Ford auto!

6. Star Wars Heritage- heard that they had Mark Hamill’s auto or Carrie Fisher in it.  That would make a GREAT birthday! LOL

7. Enterprise season 4 – again, autos and costume cards… really love those T’Pal costume cards!!

8. Whatever’s cheap and looks good. 🙂

So … if ill actually get all of these boxes… well thatll be up to my finances. LOL  but im definately getting my top 3 up there.  Hopefully the rest also. Well i got six more months to go! 😀 ill keep you updated. Till then i have my last card in my collection at the moment for ya…

Seska is probably one of my most favorite villins in ST.  She was such a complex character. Its really too bad she was only on for the first and second season.  What i really wish was that her child was Chakotay’s child. Now THAT would have made it really interesting!

Well with my dream card coming in the mail shortly (currently he’s in Jacksonville FL. Hopefully he will come tomorrow) thatll do it for my collection. I might not update every single day but definatly whenever anything good comes around or i see something id like to chat about.

God bless and goodnight! 🙂

no winner… but maybe tomorrow. November 14, 2010

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I had my eye on a kirk pieceworks/auto card that was closing today but it went for alittle more than i wanted to pay. My limit was $200.00 but it went for $207.  Eh, im not crying. I really had my eye on something else. A Robert Downy Jr case insentive auto that is ending tomorrow.  HOPEFULLY *crosses fingers* it wont go above $150 so i can buy it. OH on another front, i won the card im going to give my secret santa. 🙂 Cant tell what it is because he/she might be listening.  but it is a nice little card. Anyways, on to card of the day. 🙂

one of the prettiest cards (and going back to those 40th Ann. cards are just BEAUTIFUL), i love the color sceme and how you see the ship in the background.  Darn im gonna think about collecting all of the 40th cards. XD i LUV em!

Remember, we do this because we EN-JOY it! November 9, 2010

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LOL, there are SOOOO many things on ebay i want to buy right now! I do technically have the money but … i just really want to save my money right now. Well, im having tough times at work and i can barely keep up with the demands of it. Im thinking of going on to a lesser paying job so i dont come home feeling like im a zombie that just got its head blown off by the treasure hunter… sorry too many years of watching sci-fi movies. >_<  lol.  Anyways, Id really like to be able to buy everything i see… but i go thru this with every hobby ive ever been in… i go overboard with wanting everything and i just… go overboard.  I spend WAY too much money and eventually end up hating it because im flat broke and just … miserable that im flat broke. lol. i gotta pace myself.  Sometimes a good deal is not such a good deal in the long run.  😦 I work so hard for my money and to have it just burn up in smoke with buying stuff just isnt right. Ive been selling things … previous collectibles i have …to buy the new things ive been aquirieng. But im selling my stuff for pennies on the dollar for what i originally paid. and that is making me feel bad too. Its hard, i really enjoy this hobby but part of me doesnt.  mmm.

Well, one part i never get tired of is my blog here. 🙂 i dont like to talk so much in person but i love to write down my thoughts.  I guess because i had a very hard day at work that im just exhausted and frustrated.  sorry kiddies.

Well, on to my favorite part of the blog… card of the day! 😀

Another great steal on ebay! only $7.00!  From the Women of Star Trek set (2010) Captain Katheryn Janeway. Really cool for a great price! I think they had three of her costumes from this set. I liked this one the best. Very nice photo of her (well, she is quite photogenic all around)!  🙂  Good stuff!

He LIVES!!! November 3, 2010

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Ok so i go to work yesterday thinking that the guy with the Legolas card mightve sent it to my work by accident ( i used to have everything sent to my work but my … lovely… boss said no i cant have anything else sent there). I go there and no card. So i come home all mad and just as im about to email ebay about it, the guy emails me! >_<;   He’s like “oh you should have had it by now! give me a day to find the tracking number”… im like ok, but you get ONE day! if he hasnt gotten back to me by tonight im going to go to ebay about this. *sigh* Well in the mean time i won two more cards that i really wanted! 😀 First one up is a Chakotay Maquis uniform fromt the series “Complete Star Trek Voyager” (2002). This wasnt inserted into normal packs but you had to buy the album to get it (and no the album didnt come with it but its ok). As i said before Chakotay was one of my most favorite characters and im so excited to get this one!

Another one im so excited to get is this Martha Hackett auto (from the “Women of ST Voyager” set -2001). I really wish they had chosen the cardassian picture of her instead of showing her in her Bajoran  “disguise”.  She’s one of my all time favorite villinesses.  OH i forgot to tell the prices… i got Martha here for $15  (inc shipping) and Chakotay for $10 (inc shipping too).  Awesome deal, eh? 😀

Well kiddies its time for me to sign off. Hope you liked my two cards of the day and oh, what do you think of my new layout? i really wish that you could see more of the background (its the original enterprise next to some planets… really beautiful). And i really want to change thse colors. the white is too bright and the green is …eh.   Anyone know how to change the colors around here?