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Turning into a nightmare July 6, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.
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Ok so part of the reason i bought so many boxes for my birthday was because i wanted to try to trade with people. Thought it would be fun but no, its turning into a nightmare. People want an exact split down to the penny with this stuff or they’ll come through the computer and bite your hand off if you suggest otherwise. I mean i understand noone should take a hit for someone else. I get that. If there’s a BIG difference ($15+) i totally get that but when its just a few damn bucks … get over yourselves people!!! Whats the good its doing sitting around in your drawer if someone else can use it and you can get something that you need???
People are so rude about it all.
Im no saint, i admit, have made mistakes in it all. Lost a friend over all this nonsense. That really hurt. So i said screw it, im done with trading. Im all for fair trading but when you bitch over a couple bucks, the shipping (which in one case i gave the guy the cards all for the price of shipping them to him… which he bitched about, then it cost me MORE to send it than i asked for, THEN he says “oh no these arent what i need” and promptly expects his “payment back” – which again i ONLY CHARGED HIM SHIPPING… well jackass double check what you are getting before you beg for em) im done! Ebay here i come.

Man, no matter what i do everything turns out a nightmare for me.


Well the big day came and went… June 19, 2011

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Yup, just like i said, came and went. I had a bad day actually. 😦 I got nothing good out of the 30 boxes and just … really was a bad dissapointing day. The only good thing that came out of it was that i got alot of nice trades out of it. Unloaded a TON of stuff to a major collector of practically everything. When i get those back ill post them here.

But i shouldnt be so dramatic. I did pull a few cards that i really like. I got Shia LaBouf and Karen Allen out of the case of indy KOTCS. A couple really nice autos fromo the Complete ST DS9, and a Kirstie Alley auto that i pulled. Some other things i pulled (that i almost threw in the dumpster because i thought id never use them) i traded with someone who really needed them for his set. All in all it wasnt so bad after all. lol 🙂 Ill post scans when i feel like it (lol sorry im just being so lazy).

Life isnt the end, its about the journey! May 13, 2011

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Heh, i just had to make another post because this came to me a second ago.
Ive actually really been depressed for awhile now. I live in a terrible neighborhood ( the other day just outside my window someone was selling drugs to this other guy. >_<), i really really want to make more money to buy my mom a house in a nice neighborhood. It seemed sometimes that id never get out of this rut (i save as much as i can then something breaks or happens or whatever and sets me back).

short story…
a year ago i had a very nice boss. He was actually one of the best bosses i have ever had. He was not treated very well by his boss. So he moved away to a city up north and it was a really important job (he would have more work but he would be the head of this place instead of second in command). A few months ago i found out he committed suicide. We never found out why, but i sometimes think that he saw the position up north as a "new beginning" as sorts. I can only imagine that his dream turned into a nightmare he couldnt take anymore. I get worried myself alot of times about that. That my dreams will become nightmares that i cant excape.
I drive by his grave almost every sunday and i think to myself "only a year ago he was still my boss and now he's lying in that grave over there.". It reminds me that life is too short. i CANT afford to waste any time hating the people i work with or worrying over the past because its EXHAUSTING. Shoot, im getting grey hairs worrying about stupid things and getting angry about nonsense. I hate my job, and i cant find anything else. I come home exhausted and not able to spend time i want to with my family because im too tired. Its awful and i dont know what to do about it.
But one thing i do know from that man lying in that grave right now… life is WAY too short and you only get one go around. Now how to make it count.

Difficult times May 13, 2011

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Heh, i bet you all thought id died or something. lol
No still around. Still kicking. heh, barely. Times have just gotten so rough this last month. Had to pay $1k to repair my car, $200 to repair our A/C in our house, and a whole lot of other dumb little things that require all of your spending $.
>_< *sigh*
Well a couple good things did happen. A nice man had a sale on his Star Trek autos and i got a couple. Ill post them here as soon as i get them. 🙂 I also am happy to say that i started a group break on my website i go to and its almost full! 😀 I saw so many times group breaks on the sports card sites and i was wondering if i could do the same thing with the non sports cards. So were getting a case of Rittenhouse Archives' "Complete Star Trek The Next Generation series 1" to break together! I cant wait! Im hoping that they would let me break the boxes but if they want the Admin of the site im cool with that. Thing is that were all getting together to have some fun and break some boxes! 😀
i really need this. Im kinda like getting into a depression and anything helps.

The haul so far April 23, 2011

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Starting to get to the final countdown… less than two months away till my b-day! 😀 Were on spring break right now and today’s my last full day of rest before i go back to work unfortunately. I was boared so i figured id take a pic of my loot so far and show you guys….

27 boxes so far! 😀 I ordered a box of James Bond Mission Logs the other day but im not sure if ill break it.
I was thinking of things to do besides just open my boxes that day. Id really like to spend the whole day on there just having a good time with everyone out there in cyberspace. I was thinking of doing a raffle for charity. My mother has diabetes so i was thinking of donating all the proceeds to the American Diabetes Assn. I think maybe in June ill post my thoughts and see if anyone would be interested in the raffle. Maybe ill have the James Bond box as the prize. The only reason i was buying the James Bond box was for the Pierce Brosnan auto. I know God can tip the odds for me to pull one but… i dont think God’s too interested in getting me a Pierce Brosnan auto. LOL
Anyways, other stuff im thinking of doing is … maybe have a “show and tell” type thing (sorry i work at an elementary school, my brain’s hardwired to say things like that. lol >_<). Maybe have people come up, with the co-host feature, and show off their favorite card if they like? Im wraking my brain to try to think of other things we could do that night.
I have some things to give away as prizes (nothing earth-shattering, just cheap stuff for cheap thrills :-p ). I was thinking of having a trivia contest ? or maybe a scavenger hunt through the internet? mmmm… not sure. Id really like for people to have alot of fun that night.

Who knew dead dinosaurs would be so expensive??? April 2, 2011

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What am i talking about? GASOLINE!!!
Ok i dont have a gas guzzler car to start off. Yeah i do drive about 25 miles a day to go to work (up and back) but ya know, i have to unfortunately. Anyways, for the entire 6 years ive owned this car the MOST ive ever spent on gas (and thats to get a full tank from almost empty), is $28… yesterday i go… drum roll please… ALMOST $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang i coulda bought a box of cards with what i put in that tank!!! omgosh. its CRAZY!
What does this have to do with cards?
Now its taking my play money to fill up the tank just to go to work so i can make money to fill up my darn tank (oh and pay some of my bills… maybe have a dime or two leftover to put in the bank to save for a rainy day… maybe buy an auto or two). oy.
Speaking of autos I just bought a few last week. 😀 The seller’s scans were so horrible im going to wait till i get them to post them. Hopefully ill get them soon. 🙂 Thanks for watching, kiddies!

oh well March 14, 2011

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Well my seller of the SW Galaxy 6 boxes said that his supplier lost his order. He said he could still get me a box (that he would buy it from somewhere else) but i figured its ok, ill just get something else. He said to just pick anything i wanted so i choose a ST Women of Voyager box. Id really wanted one anyways and its my last voyager set that i needed (or base set i should say). It has a really nice lot of inserts to pull.… from Sketch cards, to costume cards, to some autos too.
I also got a great deal on a season 6 Smallville box. $10 from one of the guys on the NSC forum… thanks, friend!
So that ups the box count tooooo… 24! 😀 wow i may actually reach my goal!

we interrupt this regularly scheduled program… March 12, 2011

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to say that i am praying for the people of japan. I extend my sincerest sympathy to the families of the victims and the lost and i am keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers. Much love… Bell @ star cards

Finally got an awnser March 5, 2011

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Well i finally got an awnser from that SWG6 supplier saying that his box hadnt come in yet. Whew, thats kinda a relief. Now i just hope that he WILL be getting his boxes in. lol yeah im a worry wort. X-p

Getting nervous March 5, 2011

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Well i ordered a box of the “Star Wars Galaxy 6” product from this one supplier that ive never bought from. Turns out he has horrible customer service. >_< The stuff was supposed to come out on March 4th but i havent had any confirmation email saying it was sent or anything. We have had a string of mail thefts off and on (thankfully not us but in our area) and im getting worried. 😦 I sent an email to the seller last night but he never got back to me. man.
Well hopefully he's just backed up with his orders and mine is still on its way. It sucks because this guy has many rare boxes for reasonable prices but if he has horrible customer service then im not sure if ill buy from him again.

On a lighter note, i bought my webcam for my box breaks in june. 😀 Ill be testing it out today so hopefully everything goes well.