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Happy Easter! :) April 24, 2011

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Happy Resurrection day, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. I spent the day with my church family and part of it with my 96 yo grandma. I had a great day!
Then i went to my mail box annnnnd… 
Q’Pla! Success! 😀 lol Well all of my lost sheep finally came home ( i bought these eons ago and one got lost in the mail while another got held hostage by an unruly seller on ebay >_< *sigh*) BUT they are all finally home and ready to join the ranks of my growing collection. 😀 Im starting to get a nice growing Klingon collection now.


The haul so far April 23, 2011

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Starting to get to the final countdown… less than two months away till my b-day! 😀 Were on spring break right now and today’s my last full day of rest before i go back to work unfortunately. I was boared so i figured id take a pic of my loot so far and show you guys….

27 boxes so far! 😀 I ordered a box of James Bond Mission Logs the other day but im not sure if ill break it.
I was thinking of things to do besides just open my boxes that day. Id really like to spend the whole day on there just having a good time with everyone out there in cyberspace. I was thinking of doing a raffle for charity. My mother has diabetes so i was thinking of donating all the proceeds to the American Diabetes Assn. I think maybe in June ill post my thoughts and see if anyone would be interested in the raffle. Maybe ill have the James Bond box as the prize. The only reason i was buying the James Bond box was for the Pierce Brosnan auto. I know God can tip the odds for me to pull one but… i dont think God’s too interested in getting me a Pierce Brosnan auto. LOL
Anyways, other stuff im thinking of doing is … maybe have a “show and tell” type thing (sorry i work at an elementary school, my brain’s hardwired to say things like that. lol >_<). Maybe have people come up, with the co-host feature, and show off their favorite card if they like? Im wraking my brain to try to think of other things we could do that night.
I have some things to give away as prizes (nothing earth-shattering, just cheap stuff for cheap thrills :-p ). I was thinking of having a trivia contest ? or maybe a scavenger hunt through the internet? mmmm… not sure. Id really like for people to have alot of fun that night.

I should clean my room more often! April 18, 2011

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YAY! i found some things i thought id lost… namely this guy,

Quite a long time ago i gave away almost all of my cards ( *kicks herself REAL hard*) just because i thought id “grown out” of them. I kept my autographed cards but i couldnt remember if i had given away this card or not (and its at least a $50 card). He wasnt with the auto cards in the closet so i figured id given him away. Today i did a massive spring cleaning (totally ripped apart my closet and cleaned every single nook and cranny in my room… 6 hrs later and i was overjoyed to find that i HAD kept my Captain’s Card! :D). YAY! So here he is, numbered 816 of 1200.

Further proof that cleaning is a GOOD thing! ;D

and that makes 27 April 9, 2011

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3 more boxes to go then i have 30 boxes!! 😀
got this one today for $65 shipped…

YAY! im really looking forward to busting this one. I really like how they did the complete DS9 set (i think its one of Rittenhouse’s best so far). Just a nice lot of autos, costume cards, interesting looking inserts. AAAAGH why cant June be here NOW???

Happy “Open That Box” Day! April 9, 2011

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Here’s my box i broke today,
I had a box of Disney Treasures (not the full but but the one with a bobblehead and 4 packs of cards) i got it for almost nothing off of ebay.

and here’s what i got…

4 villins cards, 10 heroes cards, 4 filmography cards, 1 disney retrospective and 1 “Reel” piece of history card (of one of my all time favorite movies, 101 Dalmations!!)!
Very happy!

Who knew dead dinosaurs would be so expensive??? April 2, 2011

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What am i talking about? GASOLINE!!!
Ok i dont have a gas guzzler car to start off. Yeah i do drive about 25 miles a day to go to work (up and back) but ya know, i have to unfortunately. Anyways, for the entire 6 years ive owned this car the MOST ive ever spent on gas (and thats to get a full tank from almost empty), is $28… yesterday i go… drum roll please… ALMOST $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang i coulda bought a box of cards with what i put in that tank!!! omgosh. its CRAZY!
What does this have to do with cards?
Now its taking my play money to fill up the tank just to go to work so i can make money to fill up my darn tank (oh and pay some of my bills… maybe have a dime or two leftover to put in the bank to save for a rainy day… maybe buy an auto or two). oy.
Speaking of autos I just bought a few last week. 😀 The seller’s scans were so horrible im going to wait till i get them to post them. Hopefully ill get them soon. 🙂 Thanks for watching, kiddies!