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Miss me? :) May 28, 2011

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I know, its been FOREVER since i had a meaningful post. Well here i am, back in the saddle, ready for more. 😀
I recently recieved a box of “James Bond Mission Logs” for the big break coming up soon. And a few cheapie autos as well…
From DS9, Penny Johnson Jerald (as Kassidy Yates).

and from the very first episode that i watched of the original Star Trek, “Shore Leave”, a lady by name of Emily Banks.

So there’s my big ol update. 🙂 Cant wait for June to get here. I get off of work, have my big break, and get to do a group break with some friends on the NSC forum. Very cool! 😀


Happy Easter! :) April 24, 2011

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Happy Resurrection day, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. I spent the day with my church family and part of it with my 96 yo grandma. I had a great day!
Then i went to my mail box annnnnd… 
Q’Pla! Success! 😀 lol Well all of my lost sheep finally came home ( i bought these eons ago and one got lost in the mail while another got held hostage by an unruly seller on ebay >_< *sigh*) BUT they are all finally home and ready to join the ranks of my growing collection. 😀 Im starting to get a nice growing Klingon collection now.

Nice weekend November 7, 2010

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Hi kiddies! Are we all having a nice weekend? 🙂

Wanted to talk to day about wanting everything… heh, dont we all?  But most of us dont have the funds to be able to have it all. I know i certainly dont. And that really sucks. 😦   There’s one card on ebay that ive been REALLY wanting. Unfortunately its on the more highest end spectrum for me ($350 ).  Recently there were other things that popped up on ebay that i really wanted also (unbroken boxes of ST cards… older rarer boxes) for really really cheap. Remember me saying that i wanted to do a big box break for my upcoming birthday in June?  These  would be perfect for it!  But if i buy these itll set me back for buying that card and someone else might get it. >_<  So what do i do?  There’s about 8 boxes at $50 apiece up now.  Ive been selling some old collectables to buy the expensive card but every time i turn aruond there’s something else that comes along that i can buy.  I know i cant have it all but… lol, ya know im like every collector, i WANT it all!!!

What would you do in this situation?  Save up for the big ticket item or go for the cheap good deals that come up?

Ok, on to the fun stuff… card of the day!

A John De Lancie  – “Q” Auto from the series “DS9 Memories From The Future”. I pulled this guy from a pack actually. That was a really great series. Good pictures for the Auto cards, great base set, etc.  If i can get  a box for my  birthday i will.  Just a couple days till the cheap boxes auctions end.  wish me luck  to get some good boxes at great prices!  Well ill hopefully sell some  more stuff to get the $350 later. >_<