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Well the big day came and went… June 19, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.
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Yup, just like i said, came and went. I had a bad day actually. 😦 I got nothing good out of the 30 boxes and just … really was a bad dissapointing day. The only good thing that came out of it was that i got alot of nice trades out of it. Unloaded a TON of stuff to a major collector of practically everything. When i get those back ill post them here.

But i shouldnt be so dramatic. I did pull a few cards that i really like. I got Shia LaBouf and Karen Allen out of the case of indy KOTCS. A couple really nice autos fromo the Complete ST DS9, and a Kirstie Alley auto that i pulled. Some other things i pulled (that i almost threw in the dumpster because i thought id never use them) i traded with someone who really needed them for his set. All in all it wasnt so bad after all. lol 🙂 Ill post scans when i feel like it (lol sorry im just being so lazy).


Starting the countdown… June 13, 2011

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Well starting the countdown to my birthday. Cant believe its been 8 months since i thought of this idea to open 30 boxes on my birthday. 😀 Well, i opened two already but its ok ill have plenty to open on the big day. Ill be opening everything on Friday.
today i opened a box of Indy Heritage and got an average sketch..

Not sure who the artist is. “RAM08” I know the “08” stands for the year but not sure who the “RAM” is. Suppose ill find out later. Just 4 more days till i can open everything else! 😀

Rain, Rain go away June 12, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones.
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No its not raining here where i am, but i remember that old saying “when it rains it pours”. Oy, i had that kinda week. Well first off i did a good job at my work and got all my projects done i really wanted to do (took me a whole week to complete it) then my boss thats above me and the main boss at my work brought me in for an evaluation. Not good. My boss thats above me is a major … not nice person… and she totally lied about me in front of the big boss. So yeah all my hard work is forgotten and swept under the rug (which afterword when i leave that day she emails me and says “oh i forgot to say thank you for what you did today (what she means is this WEEK)” … needless to say i didnt want to hear that.
Then when i was home the next day i found out that i can no longer watch anyone on blogtv nor can i broadcast for some reason. *sigh* i email blogtv and tell them what happened and they say “change your browser” i tell them i did and they say “update your flash” well i cant because i have a very old computer (from 2003) and it can no longer be updated. 😦
so THEN today i was feeling really sad and thought to myself “oh well ill open up one of the boxes for my birthday break… which now i cant have my big party online like i was planning to because blogtv no longer works for me (along with any other webcasting site)… but anyways, i open the box for fun and low and behold i get a great auto! 😀

Thank you God! I needed that. lol

I love recording the breaks i do so when i went to upload the video from my camera to the computer… the camera dies. 😦
oy, i hope next week is better.

Ill be just uploading the break to youtube instead of doing it live. 😦