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Wow, where’d that come from? November 6, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Original Series Autographs, Original Series Costumes, Star Trek.

I used to be a scrapbooker before i was a card collector. Well i do still do alittle from time to time. Today i cleaned out my desk and found an old scrapbook i did and low and behold i found a layout (page) i did and it had a Smallville pieceworks card on it! Wow, i totally forgot i had that thing! LOL  my scanner’s not up or i would post it here but its from season 2 smallville card series. I remember i bought it years ago from ebay just to put it on my Superman tribute layout. Pretty cool!  Ill post it here someday.

Hopefully someday ill run accross a Leonard Nemoy Spock auto card i forgot about. XD  LOL

Well card of the day time…  This time i got a steal off of ebay… a Chekov  auto/costume  case topper card (i think it was a 3 case card). I found out awhile ago what series it was from but my brain isnt working this late at night so i cant remember… sorry.  >_<  But once i find it again ill let you know.  till then … enjoy!

OH and this is a funny thing to mention… today i rented the movie “Iorn Man 2” from the library and it is AWESOME if you havent seen it yet! Funny because the main bad guy in it is russian and so is chekov here… but chekov was a good guy. 😀  Think i might get a few of the iorn man cards too.



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