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getting priorities straight January 20, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Voyager Autographs.

Well long story short my mother’s been wanting to move for… 10 years or so. The other night we had a big discussion and we finally agreed that in 5 years (when she retires) we will definately move.  Till then we will be saving almost every dime we make… which wont be so nice on my card collecting hobby. 😦  Well we have better things to look forward to now. Im still going to be collecting. Just not going gung ho (and being content with what i get rather than constantly being envious of what other people have).  wish me luck everyone!

This one is another i pulled from a pack. Now this was back when he wasnt doing all the big time movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc and basically to me (because now i find out he was doing LOTS of movies back then),  to me he was like a nobody and i was like “AWW MAN… i want a good auto…” lol. when i started getting back into collecting autos i looked up how much he was worth and i saw one on ebay for $100… i was like MAN! i did good! LOL  well Voyager Profiles is actually one of my all time favorite sets. I have Janeway… but i actually pulled an even better auto … and thats …………………… coming next time. 😀  lol See ya tomorrow kiddies!



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