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another great pull July 17, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones.

My Indy boxes were the best of my birthday breaks… another great pull (this one from Heritage), Shortround!

My first Indiana Jones movie i ever saw was this movie, “Temple of Doom” and i HATED it. lol seriously. But the way i saw it was all wrong. I was … maybe 6 years old and my daycare showed this to us (yeah SERIOUSLY showing that to a bunch of 6yo’s). I had nightmares about that scene on the bridge where the kid is yelling to Indy “COVER YOUR HEART! COVER YOUR HEART!” (lol – i laugh about it now because ive seen it now as an adult and how cheezy it was). I never saw another indy movie till the 90s when i was in my early teens and i saw “Last Crusade” and it became one of my all time favorite movies. I worked up my nerve to finally watch Raiders a few years ago (yeah it freaked me out that bad) and when i saw it and saw what i was afraid of i was like “Wha? i was afraid of that???” lol (hey i was a little kid). So now i totally love this trilogy. Im probably someday … if they have them on sale again, im going to break another case of this stuff. 🙂



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