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Turning into a nightmare July 6, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

Ok so part of the reason i bought so many boxes for my birthday was because i wanted to try to trade with people. Thought it would be fun but no, its turning into a nightmare. People want an exact split down to the penny with this stuff or they’ll come through the computer and bite your hand off if you suggest otherwise. I mean i understand noone should take a hit for someone else. I get that. If there’s a BIG difference ($15+) i totally get that but when its just a few damn bucks … get over yourselves people!!! Whats the good its doing sitting around in your drawer if someone else can use it and you can get something that you need???
People are so rude about it all.
Im no saint, i admit, have made mistakes in it all. Lost a friend over all this nonsense. That really hurt. So i said screw it, im done with trading. Im all for fair trading but when you bitch over a couple bucks, the shipping (which in one case i gave the guy the cards all for the price of shipping them to him… which he bitched about, then it cost me MORE to send it than i asked for, THEN he says “oh no these arent what i need” and promptly expects his “payment back” – which again i ONLY CHARGED HIM SHIPPING… well jackass double check what you are getting before you beg for em) im done! Ebay here i come.

Man, no matter what i do everything turns out a nightmare for me.



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