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Difficult times May 13, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

Heh, i bet you all thought id died or something. lol
No still around. Still kicking. heh, barely. Times have just gotten so rough this last month. Had to pay $1k to repair my car, $200 to repair our A/C in our house, and a whole lot of other dumb little things that require all of your spending $.
>_< *sigh*
Well a couple good things did happen. A nice man had a sale on his Star Trek autos and i got a couple. Ill post them here as soon as i get them. 🙂 I also am happy to say that i started a group break on my website i go to and its almost full! 😀 I saw so many times group breaks on the sports card sites and i was wondering if i could do the same thing with the non sports cards. So were getting a case of Rittenhouse Archives' "Complete Star Trek The Next Generation series 1" to break together! I cant wait! Im hoping that they would let me break the boxes but if they want the Admin of the site im cool with that. Thing is that were all getting together to have some fun and break some boxes! 😀
i really need this. Im kinda like getting into a depression and anything helps.



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