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Its just stuff February 19, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

I sold a very expensive piece of artwork today for pennies on the dollar ( originally paid $600 but sold it for $150… minus shipping costs). I was feeling pretty bad for the loss but then i thought, its just stuff, ya know? This “stuff” is just my hobby, not my life. Though at one point in time i made it my life and my status symbol (saying to myself “oh look at me with this really cool piece of art” blah, blah). Ya know when it all comes down to it we will have to leave it all in the end. No matter how much money we make or how many cards or pieces of art we own. In the end what will really define me? I feel really bad because im wasting my money with this stuff and not saving for my future or making my mothers (short) future any better. Well alittle about me, i still live with my mom, and im not married nor have any kids. All the family i have in this world is me, my elderly mom, and my (VERY) elderly grandma (she’s 96). I spend alot of time looking for new card stuff to buy … probably too much time. and i know not enough spending with them… or God. LOL, i know what youre thinking, “DO something about it then!!”. I guess when youve been doing something all your life change is really hard.
Heh, i just found out that my old friend that ive had from highschool is getting married. She’s starting a new chapter in her life. And i guess with me ive been stuck since those days. Just getting by. I really dont know what to do, i feel really helpless sometimes. I want to make my (our) lives better, i just dont know how. Yeah i could save up all the money i ever get but… i know better that money doesnt have all the awnsers in life.



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