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Gonna have a KICK@$$ Birthday!!! February 1, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

Yeeeah, here i go again with my birthday. lol 🙂

But i did think of some things to do. I really like watching people do group box breaks online. They do  so many at the blowout forum and they look like alot of fun. The people at Non Sports Card forum have started something like it with the upcoming release of “Sparticus” cards ( http://www.nonsportscardforum.com/showthread.php?t=9785 ).  Ive never seen the show so im not going to get in on the break.

Well anyways, back to my thoughts… id really like to do a group break of the upcoming series, “Complete STNG” (which will be out around my b-day… hopefully before so i could do it ON my b-day). Im not sure how we could do it but … just a thought.  I dont have a webcam but ive been looking at some online.  Ill probably get one because even if i dont do the break, id like to just spend all  day on the webcam bustin’ boxes. 😀  Heh, i was actually even thinking of getting another job to “support my habbit” lol, but then my workplace offered me some extra hours and i jumped on them.  Im trying to be good though and not spend all the extra i make on cards.  Ive been reading this book called ‘Debt Proof Living” by Mary Hunt (which practically everyone – including my friends and boss – have laughed at me for reading it) and it has alot of really great pointers about how to really  focus your finances. I know ill feel better about collecting when i get a budget togther.  Long time ago i made a BIG mistake of paying my bills and then spending whatever i had left on stuff.… that now i no longer own because i just got tired of it and sold it (for pennies on the dollar, mind you, *sigh*). Anyways, needless to say i really dont want to make that mistake again.  So budget city here we come…

Oh man is it June yet???    lol



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