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Why so serious? January 9, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

ok, lets get things straight people, this is a HOBBY.  Not life and death… a HOBBY.  Man people take this stuff wayyyy too seriously.  Ok so im not naming names but i honestly think that someone is nice and honest but then they go behind your back and talk smack about you (thankfully not saying you name but still talking about you), and not giving the full picture about what was going on.

Im not going to go into the BS of it all but im an honest person, when i say something i mean it. My word is my bond. Sometimes it gets me into trouble but i dont go looking for it.

Whatever.  *sigh*  im not a bad person. Just because im broke and cant offer the moon doesnt make me a bad person.

Oh well.  Maybe im being taught a lesson.  I guess i can take it as one of the better lessons.  Only my pride got hurt this time.  Ive gotten off track. Thankfully not that far though. I bought one card for $50 and something else that ive been meaning to buy for $50 then im back on track.  Its funny,  my pastor today talked about taking control of yourself to get in control of  your finances.  Thats what i really need. To remind myself that   this is only a hobby, nothing more. Something for fun and when the fun runs out then its time to quit.  I gotta really keep reminding myself of that.

Someday id love to live on the beach (or probably near the beach)… Hawaii or some place really pretty.  I cant get there by wasting all my money on cards.

Well, goodnight kiddies,  be good to each other.      …   back to work. >_<



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