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New Resolutions January 2, 2011

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

*sigh*  just when you think all is quiet on the western front…

My mother’s car breaks down. >_<;   Ive been off work for the last two weeks without pay becasue my school that i work at has been on winter break. So of course i buy a case of cards since i think “oh well she’s getting paid in a week and we will have enough money to make it through”.  Good grief its always something.  So now she doesnt have any money in her acct, i have only $65 in my acct and now we will have to put it on her credit card whatever happens. 😦   She hates that because long time ago she got into about $25,000  of CC debt when i was a kid and couldnt get out of it so she had to file bankruptcy. We got out of it free and clear and ever since then she’s done her best to never use her CC.  She’s done very well.  We have no CC debt, just a small loan from the bank for under $10,000 that we had to get to get a new roof on the house and new water heater, plumbing, etc (since our house is 21 years old).

Well, such is life i guess.  *sigh*

Oh, my new resolution… buy only one box PER MONTH and save the rest. seriously.



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