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Happy New Year!! December 31, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

To all my friends all over the world i wish you a safe happy healthy new year!!! 😀  Any new years resolutions out there?

Thinking about mine…

Well personally id like to spend more time with God, my mom, and my friends,  and not so much time on the internet >_< … wayyyyyy too many hours on the internet (seriously i hardly ever watch tv anymore…which isnt a bad thing lol). Ummm, id like to start getting into eating more healthily. Eat more fruits and veggies and not so many hot dogs.  oh, EXERCISE!!! yes i gotta go look that up in the dictionary too…. cant remember what that means. :-p lol  Anyways,  ummm… try to save more money. OH and start a retirement acct. Definately!!! God knows there wont be social security when i reture. >_<;  sigh.  mmm… think thats it.

Collecting-wise, id like to be more focused on what i spend my money on.  Im going to keep buying some boxes for my b-day but im not going to go all wild like i have before.  TWO BOXES MAX PER PAYCHECK!!!  ya hear that self?  Then after my birthday i wont do really anymore box breaks. Just too expensive for the risk of not really getting anything.  I didnt really see anything coming up in the new year im crazy about.  Its mostly previous series that have come out. Oh i take that back… the Star Wars Galaxy 6 series looks really good w/ alot of awesome sketches (yeah i know youve heard that song and dance before) and another series that i MIGHT or might not… from Panini, Americana 1 Century collection.  the boxes are actually really expensive but the stuff it has in it is really cool. Everyone from Astronauts, musicians, ball players,  actors.  Looks really neat but at $160 a box… mmm… im not sure i can go for it. Someone on the blowout forum is trying to get people together for a case break but it looks like its just not going.          😦   Hmm… im starting to get an idea. I wonder if i could just buy one box and do like a mini version of a case break that they do on blowout. I just want the Astronauts,  someone else might want the sports people or the actors, and they can buy that. So it wouldnt be so expensive for all of us.  hmmm.  next month i might do that.

OH getting back to new years resolutions (heh, sorry to get OT), So yeah only two boxes max per paycheck.  I dont think ill do much individual card buying (if so only one card per month), id like to focus solely on buying boxes for my b-day.  kind of a boaring six months of collecting but well… its gonna (hopefully) be a NICE b-day for me. 😀

I was thinking of one other thing … yeah i know its a long post, sorry,  i was thinking of doing a giveaway for my b-day. Im going to have ALOT of base cards and possibly quite a few inserts.  seriously i was up all night thinking of this , lol, … im going to do it like this.  Im going to ask everyone to help me choose the order in which ill break the boxes. On June 1st  ill tell everyone you have three guesses as to which series the biggest hit  will be from.  When i finally do break all the boxes ill take all the names of the people who guessed correctly and go to random(dot)org and whoever the top person is wins the giveaway bag! 😀  I was thinking of doing a second giveaway but till i break open the boxes and see what i get ill just go w/ one right now.  Boy i cant wait till my b-day! LOL




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