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Great Deal! December 30, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones, Personal thoughts/experiences.

So ive been wanting to get a case of Indiana Jones Heritage for my birthday in June (yeah i know ive got LOADS of time … but they dont always have the great sales like now).  So ive been watching the major online card dealers and hoping that they would have some good end of year deals… well i finally saw it… a few weeks ago Blowout cards had a case of Heritage on sale for $170 BUT i was totally broke then. Well today (and yeah im still broke but not as broke as i was)  i checked and they had an 8 box case for $150!!! 😀  I totally jumped on it.  Ive heard bad things about it but … well … i really like indiana jones and there’s nothing else on the market (i already got a case of IJ Crystal Skull … bought for $100  on ebay X-D ).  And the Masterpiece series is totally sold out EVERYWHERE. So now the box count is up tooooooo… (because i had to minus the dumb retail boxes i accidentally bought *sigh* >_<)… 8 boxes of  IJ Crystal Skull,  8 Boxes of IJ Heritage, 1 box of Iorn Man (1st movie), 1 “Magical Mystery Box” (my top secret box i will share on my b-day :D), and i also have 1 extra box of IJ Heritage i bought awhile ago… sooo… 19 boxes!  Hey maybe i might make my 30 box quota after all!  😀

Next up … for febuary since i spent my  Jan “quota”  … im going to get  4 Star Wars Galaxy 6 boxes… got some awesome sketch cards going into em and HOPEFULLY i can get a Charles Hall sketch (look at this AWESOME stuff…  http://scoundrelpublishing.com/spart/viewtopic.php?t=21994&start=0 ) OR one of Denise’s cards (cant wait to see your cards Denise!!!).

Next up, think id get one of the  “ST Original Series, Remastered” boxes. It looks interesting.  Then id like a “Women of ST” box,  Star Wars 30th Ann or Star WArs Heritage, hmmmm… that would make 27… what 3 more boxes could i get? hmmm. Any suggestions guys? 🙂



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