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Praise the Lord!! December 25, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones.

Well ive been eyeballing it for… months now and finally i cracked it open. lol

Remember me saying i bought a box of Indy Jones Kingdom of the Crystal skull for my birthday? Well i didnt get have any presants to open today (christmas) so i figured… oh heck… we dont know what tomorrow will bring, i may not live to see my birthday so lets see if i can have a nice christmas… and i did! 😀 lol   Here’s my pulls… i got 8 out of 10 foil cards, 2 parralels  ( card number 54  and its numbered 94/350 and i also got card 50  numbered 337/350  AND… ONE SKETCH CARD AND ONE AUTO!!!

Oh im so happy! I now how rare it is to get a nice sketch card and an auto and i got them in the same box! 😀  That sketch is really pretty. i can tell whoever did it really put effort into it ( when i scanned it i could see more of the detail… its just breathtaking!).  Thank you whoever did it, you did  a really superb job! Though i doubt whoever did do it will ever see my blog, lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY  BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!


EDIT…. ok i did some research and found the authors name (John Ocampo )and my sketch’s “brother” lol …

http://www.sketchcollectors.com/gallery.php?entry=12591    Idunno but i like mine better… but im biased. LOL   X-D and it looks like his sketches arent all that rare  1:2,758 i saw on the topps website but it doesnt matter to me, he did a beautiful job and that makes me happy! 😀



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