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Last card of the year! December 23, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Enterprise Autographs, Star Trek.

Well my last card of the year finally arrived! It was a Combs auto that i traded my Oded card for.  Combs played in quite a few Star Trek Enterprise episodes as an Andorian (and of course i dont remember the name of the character right now) and also i think he played as a Ferengi in DS9 (again, cant remember the name of the character).  Never watched the show 4400 but i think i might rent it from the library one of these days.  Though im glad to have him in my collection i kinda regret giving up my Oded auto. Yesterday i rented the movie “Mummy, Toumb of the Dragon Emperor” (3rd installment of the “mummy” franchise). I acutally really like those movies… gotta get them one of these days. Oh well,  it was a really cheap auto so i can pick it up whenever i feel like it.… or have the $.  lol   ok here’s Jeffy… 😀 (as always, sorry the scan is so bad >_<)



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