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Boy what a day! December 20, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

This isnt card related but… heh i just had to write it down somewhere and hey its my blog. 🙂

heh, so i wake up thinking im not going to do anything except go to the bank and get out the rest of the money i saved on selling my  thousand dollar comic page and i only spent 30% of what i made from it on actually buying something i wanted… darn and i have to spend the rest of it on getting my car fixed up. *sigh* 😦

well i get out of the bank and do a few errunds and im going to buy a hot dog for lunch. on my way there my friend  calls calls and says she found the free buffet ticket she lost…yay…  so i get on the freeway to go to the buffet… 30 ish miles away. >_< on my way there, what happens? i get off on the wrong freeway exit and i get lost. >_< … in my own $%$#% city i get LOST!!! ARGH!

so 25 min later i find my way to the buffet. we leave and go to the Borders book store… 25 miles away… oh but lunch was good.… my stomach was bad the entire time i was inthere but … eh…

so i get to borders… the one thing i reaaaaly wanted to buy (the star wars trilogy) i cant find. >_< I find the prequils but not the actual star wars. i find a lady to help me… but i shoulda asked a donkey (woulda been more help) … so i go to the keosk that has the inventory. i look on it and it says this location has two copies of the original star wars. so i ask a poor man that worked there (that had just gotten chewed out by some dummy on the phone for nothing he did… poor guy) and he was so nice and helped me get it from the back.
so i go to the register where where my friend  is and were waiting in line. i get out my gift card she gave me to the Borders and while im in line i think to myself ” i got a 40% off coupon and it says i can get two dvds… i can get both the original and the preqil movie sets for fourty percent off!” so i go back to get the prequil and on my way there i drop my $20 gift card and dont notice!!! so when im called up to the counter im frantically trying to find my card and freaking out. meanwhile the lady that gave it to me for christmas is standing next to me (yeah VERY embarassing) and im almost in tears. Suddenly the cashir said to me “what did the card look like?” and im so emotional that i cant even remember what it looked like, im thinking its gone! so she quick goes back to where id been and she finds the card!!! 😀 Praise the Lord!!! Thankfully noone (and there were aLOT of people in that store) had taken it off the floor. Thank you God!!! so in the end God saved the day yet again and i got Star wars. 😀 good day!



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