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A VS. B December 11, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

I was thinking about the old way of collecting vs the new (well for me at least).  WAyyyyyy back when, when i was a kid in the 90’s … heh yeah some of you are thinking  “two decades ago was way back when???” (sorry im not quite 30 so it was X-D) …

Anyways, back then i had to get cards from ONE shop in my area (i.e. no competition so the guy could charge whatever he wanted and get away w/ it).  And whatever i pulled from that box of cards, that was all i could get. No completing the sets, etc.

NOW with the advent of “evil-bay”, we have TONS of cards and boxes of cards to buy! YAY! And we also have forums to go to and trade with people and share collecting experiences (via blogging).

But i wonder if we lost something (or personally, myself)… Back then, it was like christmas when i got a new box of cards! Id seriously sit at my desk for over an hour just looking at all the cards from opening my ONE box, reading what was on the back of ALL the cards, etc etc (and if you got one of those “cool looking hologram cards” you thought you just won the lottery!). ‘Bout a week ago i opened my first box of cards in… ten years perhaps? and it didnt quite feel the same as it did back then. mmmm. Well true i was opening a “Vault” box and those have been known to really disappoint ( which it didnt fail to then). Perhaps on my birthday itll be better (ill be opening boxes that ive chosen, not whats randomly inside).  wish me luck!



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