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whew, hard day December 8, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in promo's/Misc.

heh, i swear sometimes im such an airhead!

ok well i buy this box … which i will affectionately call the “mystery box” because its a very rare box from a series i collect and i got a GREAT GREAT deal on it ($96 shipped). ill give ya a hint, this box is over ten years old… actually it came out when i graduated highschool.  lol  OOPS i shouldnta said that. @_@  >_<;  LOL   oookay moooving on…

so, i happen to buy a pieceworks card at the same time for $9.  Well i totally dispise paypal so i want to send a money order for the big item and do paypal for the little item. i email the person who i THINK is the seller of the big item, ask his addy and all and i sent it off today… BUT as im going to work today i hits me… I SENT THE MO TO THE WRONG PERSON!!!!!!  *insert MANY colorful curse words here* I sent $96 for a $9 card!!!!!! omgosh im freaking out… i cant afford to loose that money (because the MO was in the wrong person’s name) .  So onmy lunch break i RACE to the bank (where i got the MO from) and i ask the lady at the desk can i put a stop payment on the check … she says yes but youll have to pay a $30 fee!!!!!!!!!  cursed banks, they get all that gvnt money and STILL they rob us!!!  So i just cant pay that fee so i take a chance and i go back to work (yeah i really wanted to go back to work now, i wanted to cry all the way home). I get on the email and i email the guy i sent the mo to… he’s nice and says that he will send it back without cashing it… (hopefully >_<) but he sounds like he’s serious and an honest guy. God i hope so.  I cant afford to loose $96  on stupidity. >_<  ugh.

Well anyways, on to fun stuff… 🙂

so i did open the Journey to the Center of the earth box and i got a pieceworks out of it…

He played Batman (well, the kid batman) on an episode of Justice League.… which to me was his only claim to fame. lol

OH i also got my Iorn Man and Indiana Jones crystal skull boxes today! AND i sent away for a promo card and got it…

Enjoy! Till next time! 🙂



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