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Is it just me or…? December 5, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in 40th Anniversary cards, Star Trek, TNG Costumes.

Hmmm… i have a puzzle….

look at these two cards… are they the same character? I know that the auto card says “Daimon Bok” and the costume says “Daimon Goss”. Perhaps they are the same person but he just played different Ferengi characters? hmmm. It would be cool though. My nice friend at the NSC forum said he would give me two costume cards (the ferengi one here and Seska… my favorite villin :D) from the 40th anniversary set.  Now the Auto card i actually pulled from a pack (yeah i know you didnt need to know that but… hey i thought id say it anyways. :D).  So, are these the same character but mislabeled? Or are they the same person playing different ferengi? hmmm. Any treksters know?

Auto card —>    https://starcards.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/nothing-new/

Costume card —–> Sorry about the bad scan, i took it off an ebay site and when i get my card in the mail ill scan it and put it here but… doesnt it look like the same character?




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