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Reflections December 4, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

Hello friends!

Thought id take a min to give you a couple of my thoughts. No show and tell tonight, sorry, just sitting back and thinking of things.

My new friend  on the NSC forum emailed me and kindly offered me some of his duplicates from the 40th anniversary set and it got me to thinking… now thats what i think i like best about card collecting. Not getting everything in sight, but just having the experience of interacting with other collectors, trading and such.  Many times i think collecting (not cards i mean but just in general) it can be a cold lonely road. There are forums where you can interact with people but when you get down to the nitty-gritty its more of “get that before your opponent can” kind of mentality. Thats always been the way with collecting as ive ever experienced it (and ive gone through various stages in my collecting life… which my wallet can attest to *cries*) . Its really sad too, it takes all the fun out of collecting.  The card collecting world seems to be different. People seem like they want to help each other out … idunno maybe because they all know the feeling of wanting THAT card that will complete their set (or its just something cool theyve wanted). Kindness. Thats the key.  You hardly see that anymore in life. Its sad.

Well anyways, i didnt want to give you all a lecture. Just  my thoughts. 🙂

Till next time… play nice kiddies!



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