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im baaack! December 3, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Iorn Man.

whew, that was a LONG hiatus! lol sorry kiddies, i got sick and still had to work… which makes me even more sick. >_<  Yeah dont we love our jobs….

ANYWAYS… what have i been up to you say??? 😀

Wellllll, yup you guessed it, bought another box.  this time we got…

Iorn Man Cards!! 😀  YAY!  Iorn man is one of my all time favorite movies!  So scratch another one off my list.

Been busy with the iorn man line too… i bought two iorn man 2 movie pieceworks from a nice guy on the card forum i go to. He didnt have any scans so ill be sure to scan them when they come in. My Vault box is due to come in any day now… as is my Indiana jones heritage… which i should check on that since its been a long time since the person told me it shipped. >_<

Well OH and i have another BIG announcement… we have our first follower!!!! 😀 YES!!! someone actually is following my blog!!! omgosh i feel so special!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Till next time kiddies… remember… work is detramental to your health!!!!!



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