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Happy B-day Grandma!! November 27, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences.

So i spent the day with my grandma… she turned 96 today! 😀 Had a great day! AND….

i bought another box for my birthday break!!!

WHEW boy do i know  how to juggle!!! ROFL

OK, i had … $43.00 in the paypal acct.  i dont have a credit card or debit card to refill it fast, i have to fill it from my bank acct (and that takes 7 days >_< …oy.  SO there was this big sale going on one of the card dealer sites. $34 for a box of Razor Ink!!  $40 shipped.  You’d think that i have enough $ in the paypal to pay it? nope… stupid fee-bay (as someone so eloquently called it X-D ) sent me a invoice that i owe them $3.50 for what i sold this last month with them… ARGH! and theyre going to take out the money anytime between tomorrow and wed. So if i bought the Razor i wouldnt have enough money for ebay…. darn them i thought they took out the money when i made the sale! So i never worried about keeping money in my acct… it just so happened i had extra money from a sale i just made a few days ago. Well it looked like i couldnt get the Razor  😦   UNTIL… i had an idea… I have some extra cels and sketches lying around i dont want anymore… why not offer it for free on this one site to the person that will pay for shipping   ($5 and that will take me over the limit so can buy the Razor AND have money for FEEbay!!!)!!! XD  Thank you God!

And now … the prize! 😀

Hopefully itll have gold in it!!!



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