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ok, ok!! November 24, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Indiana Jones.

okay okay, ya’ll twisted my arm 😀 … or it mighta been those crickets that i hear chirping that did… >_<;

ANYWAYS, here’s the first addition to the MEGA BIG BIRTHDAY BOX BREAK……………………

Indiana Jones Heritage box.  I think you either get a auto or a sketch card per box. Ive heard some bad things about some of the boxes not having anything (yeah AFTER i buy the box *sigh*) BUT i have a feeling im going to strike gold with this one! 😀  wish me luck!

Ive got a few others lined up to (hopefully) buy soon… what with black friday being almost here (and some retailers starting black friday tomorrow) there’s alot of great deals to be had!  Cross your fingers for me! 😀



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