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thinking November 19, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences, Star Trek, Voyager Costumes.

been thinking of my upcoming birthday… yeah six months away. lol  been thinking of what boxes id like to break  and how id like to break em… i dont have a webcam unfortunately (but i dont know maybe i could find one online for cheap).  Maybe just a youtube vid would be better.  Time-wise im thinking of doing it at midnight on my birthday. Thats if im not doing anything else at the time (being out with friends or something).  Anyways, ive thought of a list of boxes id like to buy for my break…

1. ST  40th anniversary  – US and UK versions  – i LOVE the cards coming on ebay from this set (and youve seen all the cards i bought offhand… just beautiful!).

2. Women of ST Voyager – From the looks of the box itself it looks like it would be a fun break. Sketchcards, costume cards, and autos.

3. ST 2009  movie – again from all the cards ive seen i really like them. Looks like they have all the actors costumes and autos up for grabs.

4. Iorn Man Movies 1 & 2 – LOVE LOVE these movies!!!! would love any autos, sketch or costume cards from them

5. Indiana Jones Heritage or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – id love to get a Harrison Ford auto!

6. Star Wars Heritage- heard that they had Mark Hamill’s auto or Carrie Fisher in it.  That would make a GREAT birthday! LOL

7. Enterprise season 4 – again, autos and costume cards… really love those T’Pal costume cards!!

8. Whatever’s cheap and looks good. 🙂

So … if ill actually get all of these boxes… well thatll be up to my finances. LOL  but im definately getting my top 3 up there.  Hopefully the rest also. Well i got six more months to go! 😀 ill keep you updated. Till then i have my last card in my collection at the moment for ya…

Seska is probably one of my most favorite villins in ST.  She was such a complex character. Its really too bad she was only on for the first and second season.  What i really wish was that her child was Chakotay’s child. Now THAT would have made it really interesting!

Well with my dream card coming in the mail shortly (currently he’s in Jacksonville FL. Hopefully he will come tomorrow) thatll do it for my collection. I might not update every single day but definatly whenever anything good comes around or i see something id like to chat about.

God bless and goodnight! 🙂



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