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no winner… but maybe tomorrow. November 14, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in 40th Anniversary cards, Star Trek, Voyager Costumes.

I had my eye on a kirk pieceworks/auto card that was closing today but it went for alittle more than i wanted to pay. My limit was $200.00 but it went for $207.  Eh, im not crying. I really had my eye on something else. A Robert Downy Jr case insentive auto that is ending tomorrow.  HOPEFULLY *crosses fingers* it wont go above $150 so i can buy it. OH on another front, i won the card im going to give my secret santa. 🙂 Cant tell what it is because he/she might be listening.  but it is a nice little card. Anyways, on to card of the day. 🙂

one of the prettiest cards (and going back to those 40th Ann. cards are just BEAUTIFUL), i love the color sceme and how you see the ship in the background.  Darn im gonna think about collecting all of the 40th cards. XD i LUV em!



1. SciFiNexus - November 25, 2010

Neat blog you have here. I found it in one of your posts on the Non-Sport Forum. I love the 40th set & I’m almost done with it. I was the one that won the Kirk auto/costume. It was the last one I needed. But it looks like it worked out for ya. If you have any inserts let me know. I’m still missinga couple of the TV Guide cards. Thanks a lot! SciFiNexus

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