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When it rains, it HAILS! November 12, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Enterprise costumes, Star Trek.

Man! seriously its like when im broke EVERYTHING comes out of the woodwork to be bought! LOL

*WARNING! RANT COMING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!* Well what comes up for bids after i just got thru buying my dream piece? an auto of a guy from one of my new favorite movies!!! ARGH!  So im trying like mad to sell stuff really cheap (like half the price i paid originally ) to get money so i can buy him.  I swear this always happens to me… i always buy high and sell low. >_<   *sigh* Hopefully if i can get him ill post him here in a few days… think the auction ends in three days or so.

Oh well… card of the day time … 🙂

Archer’s costume! I really like the designs of the Enterprise show’s costumes. I know they were kinda drab but i really liked the patches they wore. Kinda like astronauts of today would wear?  Wonder if they ever put parts of the patches on the costume cards? Those would be so cool!!! Well anyways, sorry the image is kinda crooked… cant scan to save my life >_<;



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