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Aw, i lost. :( November 10, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in promo's/Misc.

Well i lost the bids on 6 boxes of cards (6 separate auctions… whoever won them got a really good deal… all rare boxes under $100 apiece). 😦  Well its okay. They mightve been duds anyways.  I believe God forbids stuff for a reason. Besides, I still gotta pay off the dream card i just purchased. 😀 He put up some more really rare cards and ill try and bid on one of em. MMM… not sure tho.  $300.00 is all i really want to pay right now.  Ill think it over.

OH! i got three cards come in today!  I got my Martha Hackett (Seska) and my Chakotay costume card come in! 😀 Theyre pictured in a blog a few days ago that i posted (scan down below) and i FINALLY got my Legolas card!!! 😀 YAY!!!!  whew never thought i was going to get him.  heh, when the guy finally emailed the tracking number he said he would throw in some promos and give me ten percent back… never got my ten percent and he sent like two different cards but 5 each of them @_@  its like… just one woulda been enough. LOL  I was thinking of leaving bad feedback but… eh im not into getting blood from the stones.… or is it turnups? eh whatever.

Well, on to card of the day! 😀  and who is it? LEGOLAS!!  YAY!!! he’s finally home! *HUGS*  isnt he gorgeous? 😀 i seriously have a thing for guys with pointy ears. ROFL!!!

Sorry the scan is so sucky.  its from the seller and it was scanned with the card being inside the plastic holder >_<  Someday ill rescan it and post it here.  … till then have a great night kiddies!



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