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Remember, we do this because we EN-JOY it! November 9, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Personal thoughts/experiences, Star Trek, Voyager Costumes.

LOL, there are SOOOO many things on ebay i want to buy right now! I do technically have the money but … i just really want to save my money right now. Well, im having tough times at work and i can barely keep up with the demands of it. Im thinking of going on to a lesser paying job so i dont come home feeling like im a zombie that just got its head blown off by the treasure hunter… sorry too many years of watching sci-fi movies. >_<  lol.  Anyways, Id really like to be able to buy everything i see… but i go thru this with every hobby ive ever been in… i go overboard with wanting everything and i just… go overboard.  I spend WAY too much money and eventually end up hating it because im flat broke and just … miserable that im flat broke. lol. i gotta pace myself.  Sometimes a good deal is not such a good deal in the long run.  😦 I work so hard for my money and to have it just burn up in smoke with buying stuff just isnt right. Ive been selling things … previous collectibles i have …to buy the new things ive been aquirieng. But im selling my stuff for pennies on the dollar for what i originally paid. and that is making me feel bad too. Its hard, i really enjoy this hobby but part of me doesnt.  mmm.

Well, one part i never get tired of is my blog here. 🙂 i dont like to talk so much in person but i love to write down my thoughts.  I guess because i had a very hard day at work that im just exhausted and frustrated.  sorry kiddies.

Well, on to my favorite part of the blog… card of the day! 😀

Another great steal on ebay! only $7.00!  From the Women of Star Trek set (2010) Captain Katheryn Janeway. Really cool for a great price! I think they had three of her costumes from this set. I liked this one the best. Very nice photo of her (well, she is quite photogenic all around)!  🙂  Good stuff!



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