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I WON!!!!! November 8, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in sold cards.


Remember that $350 card i said i really wanted? well someone else was selling the same thing for only $300 buy it now!!!  I GOT IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wont say what it was i got (ill let it be a suprise) because the seller’s pic was lowsy. So when i get it im going to scan it and then update it here. 😀 man im SOOOO excited!!! YAY!

OH and another new development? Remember the guy that dropped off the planet with my Legolas card? He has re-emerged too! Saying that he thought he had sent it but didnt and he tore thru his whole house, car, and God knows what else looking for it and he found it!  Man im so relieved about that! I really wanted that card too. I think Orlando Bloom is so cute!  :-3  LOL

Anyways, so heres my card of the day…

This guy was one of my favorite actors as a kid. I LOVED his show “Quantum Leap”.  Its funny, when Enterprise first aired i liked it at first, then the second season hit and it really wasnt all that good to me.  It seemed like they were just borrowing old scripts from previous ST shows (hey ya cant fool a die-hard fan).  So i stopped watching it and the show died at its fourth season. Its really too bad. All the other incarnations of ST had  seven seasons but this one… well if you have asked me at the time it was out i would have said it was an awful show BUT last year i had found out that the library had dvd’s of the show up for rent. So i rented the entire series and i got hooked on it. I really am bummed that i didnt watch the show the  first time it was around… it really was good. I think it just had one defineing flaw that finally led to its demise…. it wasnt fun to watch.  In the third season it was VERY heavy with this one storyline going on (yes ONE storyline for the ENTIRE season). I do understand why they did it. Their ratings probably made them almost on the chopping block had it not been for the title of the show “Star Trek” and they went to the oldest trick in the book to get people to watch… cliffhangers. Seriously every episode had a cliffhanger. Im not saying its bad… but just sad.

WELL OK i think this is the longest blog ive done so far. LOL … thanks for reading … if … anyone is reading my  stuff btw.  <_<  …   >_> …   <_<



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