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whew, almost didnt make it! November 5, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Star Trek, Voyager Misc.

had to go in early to work today so i couldnt do my blog in the morning like i usually do.

anyways,  nothing really happened with me today. yesterday night i opened a case with ebay about the man selling the Legolas card (DARN i really really wanted that card too). Im at the point where i know i will never get it so hopefully ill just get my money back so i can buy something… well some thingS  i can get my hands on… a birthday presant too myself actually. Heh, no my birthday isnt this month, its actually in June (7 months away) BUT i wanted to get a head start because i wanted to celebrate the big 3-0 with something nice.  For years ive been dreading my 30th birthday because… well … it kinda means that im done with my childhood and monotony will start to set in. >_<  Yeah i know, im a typical woman facing her thirties in the normal kicking and screaming way but… well at least with this ill have something to look forward to on my b-day. LOL  what am i going to do prey tell?

*cue big god-like voice*


*ghasps for air* *breathe breathe breathe*

Yes my peeps, from now till the big day im going to be buying as many ST boxes as i can … id like to get 30 boxes but… God knows with my finances thatll never happen… >_<;  … so im going to just get as many as i can for myself.  hopefully cheap as possible.  wish me luck peeps! 😀

SO on to the card of the day…

my second leniticular card from the “Voyager Closer to Home” series (boy i loved that series). Not too bad, unfortunately he was one of the backburner characters  (ya know there were the main ones that got all the attention then there were poor ones that just got no love thru almost the entire series 😦  ).  but he was still a good guy and i liked him.  Command Crew card CC9  numbered 561 of 750.

OH i forgot to mention Tom’s number (the tom paris leniticular card i have).  DOH!  Tom’s number is 482 of 750.  🙂

Have a great weekend kiddies!



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