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…and he died… i guess. November 4, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Star Trek, Voyager Misc.

Well, i guess the guy mustve died or fallen off the planet or something. He never got back to me. So i figured im tired of it and i opened a dispute with ebay. I mean i know in life were busy but if you cant get back to me the next day, dont tell me  youre going to get back to me the next day. Oy.

Well, on to more fun stuff… card of the day!

Another pack pull. I really like the look of these. Its a Tom Paris Leniticular Command Crew card from the series “Voyager Closer to Home”  1999 (regular sized this time… my chakotay is the only promo card i have). Theyre really stylish in person and have nice pictures. I have three total… my promo chakotay, Tom here and a Harry one (which ill probably put up tomorrow).   Have a great day kiddies!! 🙂



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