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I hate waiting! Dont you? November 2, 2010

Posted by firebird16 in Star Trek, Voyager Misc.

Well ive been waiting for this one card i bought on the 17th of Oct to arrive!  Its an Orlando Bloom “Legolas” card from Lord of the Rings… paid only $100.00 for him and dangit if i emailed the seller a million times for a delivery confirmation number and he never responds to me!!! Dangit, if i dont get my card today im fileing a complaint with Ebay and getting my money back! GRRRR!!!!! >_<

Oy.  Well on to some lighter things… my next card of the day iiiiiiisssss…

A very rare card! From the “Star Trek Voyager Profiles” set, the number 7 in the 7 of 9 insert set (there were 9 cards made of her history and the 7 card is the most rare … i think it was 1:144 packs. Like every 2 or three boxes  i think).  And can you believe it, i seriously pulled her from a pack!!! 😀  There was a card store that was right next to my house at one time and id go over there all the time to get stuff. i didnt buy a whole box, i bought like maybe 5 or 6 packs and she was in it! I also pulled another rare card from those packs but i forgot to scan it…. >_<  DOH!  well ill probably do that this weekend.  Have a great day kiddies!



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